A new article from our METAFORIS project


Kamiel Mobach and Ulrike Felt have published an article "On the Entanglement of Science and Europe at CERN" in Science as Culture.

On the Entanglement of Science and Europe at CERN: The Temporal Dynamics of a Coproductive Relationship is looking into the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) which is one of the oldest, largest, and most emblematic European research infrastructures. Its history, as expressed through narratives of its own organizational identity, does not only reflect the development of its technoscientific activities but also strongly references a multiplicity of performances of Europe. Read more about this analysis.

We specifically draw attention to the temporal dynamics of coproductive relationships between CERN and Europe sensitizes us to shifts of balance between sociopolitical and technoscientific orders: it reveals which orders are narrated as drivers and which as driven as well as how this opens up or closes down justificatory narratives and ways of acting.

This paper is part of the METAFORIS project.