Dr. Claudia Schwarz-Plaschg


Claudia Schwarz-Plaschg is postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Science and Technology Studies. As part of her EU-funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, Claudia is a visiting researcher at Harvard (2018-2019) and MIT (2019-2020). Claudia studied media and communication science in combination with English and American studies (master’s degree), and sociology with a specialization in science and technology studies (doctoral degree) at the University of Vienna. In addition, she got postgraduate training in sociology at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna and in social sciences more generally via the SoQua training course.

Prior to her Marie Curie Fellowship, Claudia has been visiting scholar at the Munich Center for Technology in Society, the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University, and postdoctoral assistant at the interdisciplinary research platform Nano-Norms-Nature at the University of Vienna (2015-2018). From 2013 to 2015, she has worked as science communicator at Open Science – Lebenswissenschaften im Dialog. She also was a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society in Graz (2012-2013) and a predoctoral researcher at the Department of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna (2008-2012).

Research Interests

In her Marie Curie project (Re-emerging Magic Molecules: The Medicalization of Psychedelics in the United States), Claudia explores current re-emerging research on and attempts towards medicalizing psychedelic substances in the United States. Her main research interest lies in understanding how regulation shapes psychedelic science and how science is mobilized to achieve regulatory changes in order to foster the responsible re-integration of psychedelics into society. To analyze these processes, she focuses on the interplay of actor constellations, sociopolitical interests, knowledge production, and sociotechnical imaginaries.

More generally, Claudia’s research focuses on the sociopolitical dynamics and governance structures of emerging technoscientific fields, with an emphasis on the role of retro-prospective imaginations, regulation, and public engagement. In her doctoral research she analyzed and reflected on the role of analogies in public engagement with nanotechnology (2014). This work sparked her ongoing interest in how imaginations of past technoscientific developments fuel future-oriented sociotechnical imaginaries and are used to legitimize governance frameworks.

Selected publications

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