Mag. Dorothea Born

University Assistant (pre doc)

Tel: +43-1-4277-49623



Dorothea Born, born 1986, is a university assistent (pre-doc) at the Department of Science and Technology Studies. She also worked as a contract researcher in the project „Transdisciplinarity as Culture and Practice“ at the department. She studied ecology at the University of Vienna and finished her studies in 2011 with a diploma thesis about climate change and the carbon cycle in the Arctic. For her research she conducted fieldwork in Siberia in the summer of 2009.
From April to June 2011 she was an intern at the Office of Science and Technology at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC. She also was a member of the editorial board of the student magazine UNIQUE from 2010 to 2013.

Current Research Interests

Dorothea is interested in transdisciplinary research areas, the interconnections between science and society, as well as science communication and science journalism. In the course of her dissertation she is conducting research on climate change communication and nature conceptions present in (visual) discourses on climate change in popular science magazines.

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