Paul Trauttmansdorff



Paul Trauttmansdorff is a researcher (prae-doc) at the Department of Science and Technology Studies since October 2018. He holds Bachelor degrees in Philosophy at the University of Vienna and Socioeconomics at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. During his studies he also spent one year studying philosophy at the Sorbonne University, Paris I, in Paris. In 2015, he completed his Master Degree in London at the Political Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Currently, Paul is a Doctoral Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Current Research Interests

Paul’s research interests lie in the intersection of science and technology studies, security studies, and critical migration studies. For his dissertation he explores the various ways in which constructing and maintaining digital infrastructures are entangled with visions of future borders and promises of security in the European Union. Drawing on different methods of social science research, he attempts to investigate into howborder (in)security is envisioned and co-produced with the transnational technological infrastructures and large-scale projects in Europe. Further interests include surveillance and critical security studies, the contestations and controversies of around techno-scientific developments and innovation, as well as intersections of science and technology with political sociology and social theory.