Upcoming MA-Workshop


We are excited to announce that Prof. Tommaso Venturini and Dr. Kari De Pryck from the University of Geneva will be giving a student workshop in November!

Thinking with digital methods – how to devise a digital research protocol.

Description: In this introductory seminar we will consider with the students how their empirical research could include elements of data collection, analysis of visualization based on digital methods. The seminar will include some methodological discussion, as well as the introduction of some practical tools and approaches.

Capacity: Maximum 20 MA students preferably at the middle of their MA dissertation (it's better if they have already chosen a subject and started working on it, but also if they are not too close to the completion of their research).  Date: 7 & 8 November — detail of the workshop to be announce later!  

For registration email to ta.sts@univie.ac.at explaining your interest in the workshop and how it may relate to your thesis topic by 21st October.