Additional Social Science Research Methods Courses

The additional courses prescribed for students with a non-social science bachelor are usually seminars in social science research methods. These courses are offered within the master's programme on a regular basis, usually one course (á 5 ECTS) per semester. Your acceptance letter ('Zulassungsbescheid') states if your admission was granted with the requirement of additional exams and the amount of ECTS you got assigned. These prescribed courses will not appear in your examination record in u:space as part of the master's programme, they will however be stated on your transcript of records (Go to u:space: Personal Matters--> My Documents)

Module Additional Individual Specialization (IS)

In the whole master you need to complete 10 ECTS in the Individual Specialization module. All courses offered in the Modules Research Specialization or in the Module Additional Social Science Research Methods can be accredited for the Module IS without prior approval by the director of the study programme. However, you can only do courses in the Research Specializations if you meet the pre-requisites (BM A and B or 15 ECTS of courses in STS in your bachelor).

You may also take courses offered by other departments or institutions for the Module IS. However, these courses need to be approved by the director of the study programme, Maximilian Fochler before taking the course(s). The deadline for handing in the form (download below) to get the approval is 1st October for the winter term and 1st March for the summer term.



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Recognition of Courses and Exams

If you have already completed courses/exams at the University of Vienna or at another university and wish to have these recognized/transferred to the master’s programme, you will need to contact the secretariat of the Department of Science and Technology Studies ( for further information. The study programme director decides which courses/exams can be transferred and for which part of the current curriculum.

Application for recognition

Before submitting an application for recognition, please contact the secretariat  of the Department of Science and Technology Studies ( in order to discuss a possible recognition of your courses/exams.

Then fill out the necessary application form "Application for Recognition" ("Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen") and submit the application form together with your transcript of records (a transcript of your grades) to the secretariat of the Department of Science and Technology Studies.

The more detailed your transcript of records is, the faster the processing of your application will be. In particular, include course abstracts or syllabi whenever possible.
All documents will need to be submitted either in the original or notarized copies. Documents which were not issued in either German or English will need to be submitted with a certified translation.
Once your courses/exams have been recognized, you will receive a letter of recognition from the StudyServiceCenter/Secretariat. Normally recognized courses/exams are not listed in your transcript of records ("Sammelzeugnis") of the University of Vienna. The recognition is confirmed by this letter.