Information for 1st Year Students - Getting Started

Step 1: Personal Admission at the University of Vienna

Please come to the Admission Office PERSONALLY within the opening hours and present the following documents in original or notarised copy at the Admission Office:

  • your acceptance letter
  • a valid travel document (passport or personal ID)
  • diploma of completion of studies, which has been uploaded in your u:space application
  • one passport photograph
  • e-card (only if you have health insurance in Austria already)

Pay your students' union fee/tuition fee via

  • Debit card (maestro card) directly at the counter in the Admission Office
  • eps online transfer
  • online banking
  • payment at the bank with a payment bill
  • Cash payment or payment via credit card is not possible!

Step 2: Course Registration via u:space

All courses, which are offered at the department in the upcoming term, can be found in the online course directory u:find.

You can register for the courses via the online platform u:space. Registration is mandatory for courses of the types SE and KO. You do not have to register for courses of the type VO. The registration period is announced each semester. Please make sure that you register for your courses in time!

If you are still in the admissions process for the master programme, and will not be able to complete the admissions procedure in person, you will not have access to the u:space platform. In this case please send a list with the courses you would like to take to

How to register in u:space - step by step instructions

Recommended courses for the 1st semester: the core classes

A number of modules, which are scheduled to be completed in the first semester, are a pre-requisite for attending courses in the subsequent terms. We thus strongly recommend that you take all of the five courses below, which we call the core classes, in your first semester. These core classes will not be offered in the summer term.

  1. Module BM A: Basic and Central Questions in the Field of STS
    • VO Science, Technology, Society (STS): Key-questions and Concepts
    • KO Discussion Class: Key-questions and Concepts
  2. Module BM B: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches in the Social Studies of Science
    • SE Social Science Research Methods in STS
    • SE Risky Entanglements? Theorising Science, Technology and Society Relationships
  3. Module SP: Scientific Practice
    • SE Scientific Practice and Knowledge Management

Other courses in the first semester

The five core classes, which we strongly advise you to take in the first semester, are quite demanding. Since successful completion of the core classes is a formal pre-requisite for most other courses you will take in the second semester, we recommend that you focus on the core classes in the first semester. If you feel that you can handle work in addition to the core classes and want to finish the master in 4 semesters, you can also take courses from the modules listed below. However, if you would rather focus on the core classes and if you do not have to finish in 4 semesters (which is possible at Austrian universities), you may do just the core classes in the first semester and take the courses below in a later semester. Other courses, which you may take in your first semester, are the following:

Module IS: Individual Specialisation
In the whole master you need to complete 10 ECTS in the Individual Specialisation module. All courses offered in the Modules Research Specialisation or in the Module Additional Social Science Research Methods can be accredited for the Module IS without prior approval by the director of the study programme. However, you can only do courses in the Research Specialisations if you meet the pre-requisites (BM A and B or 15 ECTS of courses in STS in your bachelor). Every winter term, the director of the study programme will recommend one Research Specialisation course which is eligible for 1st semester students, under specific conditions.
You may also take courses offered by other departments or institutions for the Module IS. However, these courses need to be approved by the director of the study programme, Maximilian Fochler. The deadline for handing in the form to get the approval is 1st October for the winter term and 1 March for the summer term
For more information on the approval procedure and to download the necessary form click here.

Module Additional Social Science Research Methods
If you have additional social science research methods courses prescribed in your letter of acceptance, you may take one of these courses in the first semester as well. If you got assigned 20 ECTS of additional social science research methods courses and want to finish in 4 semesters, you will have to take one such course each semester, as the department only offers one of these courses per semester.

Step 3: Kick-off Meeting and Welcoming Event

The first semester officially starts with a kick-off meeting. At this meeting you will be introduced to the master programme and get to know your lecturers, teaching assistants and fellow students. The meeting will take place in our seminar room at the department: Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien, staircase (Stiege) II, 6th floor. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory. In case you are not able to attend the kick-off meeting, please write an email to the teaching assistants (

After the general introduction, there will be a welcoming-event with food and drinks for everyone for which we hope you will join us!

Consultation Hours

During September, the teaching assistants will hold consultation hours to help you with course registration and answer your questions concerning the master's programme.

You can call us (+43 1 4277 49605), write us an email or drop by at our office (Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien, staircase (Stiege) II, 6th floor, Room C0606) any time during the opening hours.

Studying and Living in Vienna (Arbeitstitel)

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survival guide

Course Registration via u:space

Registration Period

2 - 22 September 2019

The registration period for all courses in winter term 2019 begins on 2 September and ends on 22 September 2019.

Registration via u:space is mandatory for courses of the types SE and KO. Registration for courses of the type VO is done via the course directory and is essential for registering to examinations.

If you want to attend a course in the master STS, you have to register via the central electronic registration system u:space.  If you, despite following all of the instructions below, should encounter difficulties in the registration process or if you have any further questions regarding u:space, please contact the teaching assistants at

The University of Vienna recently published a series of videos that aim to help students find their way through the registration process.

To register for a course please complete the following steps:

  1. Log into u:space with your u:account.
  2. Choose [Studies]  [Course and Examination Registration System]  [new registration]. Then,
    under [director of the studies programme] pick “Wissenschaftsforschung – Social Studies of
    Science”. Make sure that [semester] is either set to the correct semester or left blank. Click
    search. Alternatively, you can also go to u:find, select a course and
    then click "Register/Deregister for this course".
  3. In the u:space registration interface click on [Classification number/Field of study] and select
    "A 906 Science-Technology-Society".
  4. Please check the field [Module] and correct the allocation of the chosen course if necessary.
  5. Click on [save]. Then click on [back to list] and make sure that [State] is set to "vorgemerkt",
    which means that your registration is pending.

 FAQs Course Registration


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