Developing new methods

Refining and advancing qualitative research methods

To refine and advance qualitative research methods constitutes an integral part of all research projects conducted at the Department of Science and Technology Studies.
Within our research projects, we have developed novel approaches to doing interviews and group discussions, as well as methods to evaluate science communication and participatory engagement settings.

Key Publications

Felt, Ulrike, Schumann, Simone, Schwarz, Claudia and Strassnig, Michael (2014) 'Technology of Imagination. A Card-based Public Engagement Method for Debating Emerging Technologies', Qualitative Research 14/2: 233-251.

Leydesdorff, Loet and Felt, Ulrike (2012) 'Edited Volumes, Monographs, and Book Chapters in the Book Citation Index (BCI) and Science Citation (SCI, SoSCI, A&HCI)', Journal of Scientometric Research 1/1: 28-34.

Felt, Ulrike, Fochler, Maximilian and Strassnig, Michael (2010) 'Experimente partizipativer ELSA-Forschung. Eine methodenpolitische Reflexion', in Erich Griessler and Harald Rohracher (eds), Genomforschung - Politik - Gesellschaft. Perspektiven auf ethische, rechtliche und soziale Aspekte der Genomforschung. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie, Special Issue, Vol. 10: 33-67.