Knowledge and technology cultures

Our research is interested in the cultural contexts and practices in which knowledge and technological innovations are produced.

Today’s research and innovation landscapes are highly fluid and characterised by frequent shifts, rendering traditional frames such as the discipline insufficient for understanding the social organisation of knowledge production. At the same time, the societal responsibility of research practices is becoming an ever more important topic. Science and Technology Studies has shown  that the cultural context of knowledge production and the form of the knowledge produced are inextricably linked (co-produced). Hence, developing fine-grained understandings of knowledge and technology cultures and their dynamics is of crucial importance for debating how scientific institutions can live up to their societal responsibility.

Department research has developed innovative approaches to study ways of knowing and living in research, both in more traditional academic fields such as the life sciences or sociology, as well as in more hybrid contexts such as transdisciplinary sustainability research or hybrid spaces between academia and business. In doing so, we aim to empirically contribute to a range of conceptual debates in STS and beyond, including debates on the temporalisation of research, on (e)valuation practices in the sciences, or on the role of new information and communication technologies for knowledge production (e.g. in the dissemination of research results).

Key Publications

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