Technosciences and societies: communicating and interacting

At a time when innovation and knowledge move to the core of societal concerns, understanding the different moments of co-production of technosciences and different societal constituencies (public, users, patients, etc.) is ever more important..

For research in this domain, it is both crucial and challenging to consider the rapid and interrelated changes in technoscience, society and in the technologically mediated forms of their interaction: new fields of research and technological development raise ever new societal issues, societal challenges call for new techno-scientific solutions, and new communication technologies enable new encounters between techno-sciences and their publics.

Over recent years, the department’s research has studied how public understandings of and engagements with sciences and technologies are embedded in particular techno-political cultures. A variety of issues relating to biomedical knowledge and technology, the life sciences and nanotechnology (e.g. valuation practices around nano-food) have been investigated.
A considerable part of our research focuses on citizens’ perspectives, be it on how they deal with knowledge in informed consent practices or on how they perceive their role in public engagement contexts. We also study shifting science communication practices and their repercussions for contemporary research cultures.




Key Publications

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