Master Programme in 'Science–Technology–Society'

©Mark Dixon

Science and Technology Studies (STS) studies how knowledge and technologies are deeply intertwined with the ways we live in the world. How we communicate, move, work, and care for our health – all this is constantly changing through new scientific and technological options. However, new techno-scientific possibilities also challenge existing value structures and ways of living, which leads to societal debates about risks, ethics and social justice.


At the same time, science and technology are not untouched by the societal environment they are part of. Socio-economic expectations and broader imaginaries of techno-scientific futures are part and parcel of contemporary research cultures, and influence how knowledge is produced and innovations are made.

Understanding these complex relations of science, technology and society is crucial in the world of today. Studying the master’s programme Science-Technology-Society offers a unique opportunity to acquire expertise in this domain. This opens up new perspectives on the world as well as new professional opportunities.


Established in 2009, The MA in Science-Technology-Society is a two-year English taught programme and the number of students is limited to 40 per year. The programme offers an interdisciplinary and highly international study experience in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.