Services for Current Students

All the information that you need throughout your study!


Teaching Assistants

The teaching assistants serve as a link between students, lecturers and the department.
They are the first point of contact for all student-related matters.

Office hours during the semester:

Mon 10.00-17.00
Tue  12.00-16.00
Wed & Thu 10.00-15.00

Tel: +43-1-4277-49605

  • General information on the program and student related matters
  • Support for moodle-issues
  • Support for problems with the u:space registration
  • Support for problems with the record of examination in u:space
  • Readers
  • Information about Admission
  • Library


Studies Service Unit

Office hours during the semester:

Mon 12.00-15.00
Tue & Thu 10.00-13.00

Tel: +43-1-4277-49601

  • Recognition of examinations
  • Master thesis and completion of master's programme


Director of Studies

Maximilian Fochler

Tel: +43-1-4277-49613

  • Approval for individual specialisations
  • Exceptions from preconditions for course participation
  • Other specific programme related questions