How to Complete the Master's Programme

1. Submission of the Record of Exams

As soon as you have completed all your courses (at the latest 1 week before you upload your thesis on HOPLA - see 2.), please submit the following documents to the secretariat of the Department of Science and Technology Studies.

  • a signed copy of the complete record of exams. Please note: All grades must be registered and assigend to the appropriate modules in u:space!
  • a copy of your acceptance letter ('Zulassungsbescheid')
  • a copy of the official notification of recognition of examinations ('Anerkennungsbescheid') (if applicable)

2. Submission of the Master Thesis

Step 1

Submit your thesis to the university's electronic submission system HOPLA in order to perform a plagiarism check. The uploaded thesis must be the same as submitted in binding. For the formal guidelines see below in the download section. Print out the confirmation of the upload (needed for the submission of your thesis, see step 2)

To ensure the protection of your personal data, the plagiarism check will be performed on the basis of pseudonymized documents. The first 6 pages (containing the cover sheet, acknowledgements etc.) of the uploaded document will be removed automatically and only the remaining text will be forwarded to the external service provider. In order to guarantee an anonymized plagiarism check please – starting with page 7 -

  • do not include any personal data (like your name or student ID)
  • do not include your CV
  • do not include your name in the header or footer

Please also remove your personal data from the document properties before uploading your thesis.

Please email the abstract of your thesis to (your abstract will be published on the Department's website). The abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Step 2

3-5 working days after the upload to HOPLA, submit the following items to the "StudienServiceCenter Sozialwissenschaften" (contact & location):

  • 2 copies of the master thesis in hard binding (formal guidelines, template cover sheet, example cover sheet see download below)
  • 1 copy of your CV (one page)
  • the confirmation that your thesis has been uploaded to HOPLA, signed by you
  • 1 copy of the form 'submission of master thesis'
  • 1 signed confirmation of the statistical data acquisition (Statistik Austria)

Step 3

Your supervisor gets one "stamped" copy of your thesis as well as an evaluation form from the StudienServiceCenter (alternatively you can take the stamped copy of your thesis and the form personally to your supervisor).

Step 4

The supervisor has 2 months to evaluate your thesis and send the report to the StudienServiceCenter. A couple of days after the supervisor has handed in his/her evaluation, you will receive an email with a scanned copy of the evaluation form containing the grade.

3. Public Defence & Final Examination

Step 1

Around the date of uploading your thesis, please contact one of the following second examiners whether he or she would be ready to serve as such:

Step 2

If the examiner agrees, please provide him or her a proposal regarding the literature for the exam.
For students who enrolled in the programme before winter term 2014/2015 the reading list comprises 2 books and 5 articles. For this format, there is a list with recommended literature for all examiners. For students who enrolled in the programme in winter term 2014/2015 or after, the reading list comprises two books. For this format, each examiner has his/her own list of literature.
In both cases, the literature should predominantly be from an STS area other than your master thesis.

Step 3

Coordinate a date for the defence/examination with your supervisor, 2nd examiner, and chair. The date of the examination must be at least 14 days after the evaluation date of the thesis.

Step 4

Submit the registration for master's examination form and the examination literature form to the institute´s secretariat (via e-mail to
Please read attentively the information sheet about the defence/examination.

Please consider that the time span between the moment you have handed in the master thesis at the StudienServiceCenter and your defensio can be up to 2.5 months.