Esther Dessewffy, MA

University Assistant
(pre doc)



Esther joined the STS department as a university assistant in February 2021. She is a member of Sarah Davies’ research group “Technosciences, Materiality and Digital Cultures” and is currently working on her PhD project. The project investigates how the development of digital methods for architectural research interacts with scientific practice, interdisciplinary cooperation and the role of architects. Overall, Esther aims to inquire into the societal visions and politics that architects and other involved actors explore through the repertoire of digital architecture.
Prior to her current engagement, Esther graduated from the MA program “Science, Technology, and Society” at the University of Vienna (fall 2020). Her MA thesis explored how built environments co-produce temporalities and rhythms, by conducting participant observation in an open plan office. This has sparked her enthusiasm for research into the making of spaces in general, and the practices that flow into their spatial and social construction in particular.