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21.01.2016 17:30

Vienna STS Talk Xaq Frohlich

Food or Drug?: Regulatory Cultures and Their Consuming Publics

Talk presented by Xaq Frohlich (KAIST Graduate School of Science and Technology...


Living in Technoscientific Worlds

International Conference Celebrating the Launch of STS Austria


Changing Worlds Conference

Call for Contributions extended till Wednesday, 15 July

21.10.2015 17:00

Vienna STS Talk: Alan Irwin

On the Local Constitution of Global Futures: Risk and Environmental Engagement in a Decentred World

05.10.2015 17:30

Vienna STS Talks Monika Kurath

Constructing the Urban Citizen: Participation and Democracy in Urban Design

24.09.2015 10:50

Wie gestaltet Technik unser Leben?

Open House am Institut für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung

17.06.2015 17:30

Vienna STS Talks Kim Fortun

Late Industrialism: Producing Inequalities

22.04.2015 18:00

Vienna STS Talks Hedwig te Molder

The Hidden Moralities of Knowledge. Communicating Science and Technology in the Life Science Context

09.03.2015 17:30

Vienna STS Talk: Sarah de Rijcke

Researcher meets indicator: on evaluative metrics and scholarly identity formation in academic settings

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