Mag. Daniela Schuh

University Assistant (pre doc)
uni:docs Fellow

Tel: +43-1-4277-49618



Daniela Schuh is a PhD candidate in Social Studies of Science and Technology (STS) and holds a scholarship from the University of Vienna (uni:doc). Her thesis lies at the nexus of STS, Citizenship Studies and Critical Legal Studies and is supervised by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Felt. During the winter term 2013/14 and the spring term 2014, Daniela was a predoctoral fellow with the STS-Program at Harvard University and engaged in the project “Biology and the Law”, coordinated by Professor Sheila Jasanoff. Prior to doctoral studies, Daniela studied sociology and law and graduated from the University of Vienna with distinction in 2012. She further received extensive training in qualitative research and science communication when collaborating together with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Felt in “Open PLACES”, a project coordinated by the European network of science centers and museums.

Current Research Interests

Daniela’s research interests broadly concern national and transnational approaches of governing emerging technologies and the way these endeavors relate to conceptions of citizenship, sovereignty and national identity. In her thesis, she comparatively investigates how legislative, executive and judicial bodies in Europe construct and face challenges to national conceptions of citizenship. At the center of her work lies the question how the practice of international surrogacy challenges culturally rooted ideas of belonging while raising fundamental questions about the relationship between nation states and their citizens. Engaging with theories and sensitizing concepts from Science and Technology Studies as well as Citizenship- and Critical Legal Studies, Daniela aims to contextualize the negotiation of citizenship within a history of scientific change and technological achievements. Apart from a general interest in the interplay between technological innovation and societal arrangements with particular focus on biotechnologies, Daniela’s interests further include science communication and public engagement in science and technology. Methodologically, she focuses on qualitative methods with a preference for Grounded Theory based approaches.

Selected Publications

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Bader, Y., Madlener, S., Strasser, S., Maier, S., Saiko, P., Stark, N., Popescu, R., Huber, D., Golliger, M., Erker, T., Handler, N., Szakmary, A., Jäger, W., Kopp, B., Tentes, I., Fritzer-Szekeres, M., Krupitza, G., & Szekeres, T. (2008). Stillbene analogues affect cell cycle progression and apoptosis independently of each other in an MCF-7 array of clones with distinct genetic and chemoresistant backgrounds. Oncology Reports, 19(3), 801-810.

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