Research focus

Our aim is to provide innovative knowledge about science-technology-society relations. Research at our department is mainly organised in third party financed projects, often based on interdisciplinary teamwork and aims at comparative analysis. We contribute to international debates in our academic field, and offer our expertise and know-how to practitioners working at the crossroad of science, technology and society.

Knowledge and technology cultures

Understanding places and practices in which knowledge and technological innovations are produced
New spaces of knowledge production, (e)valuating scientific work, time in academic lives and practices, responsibility in research work,....

Technosciences and societies: communicating and interacting

Analyzing public understandings of and engagements with sciences and technologies
Science communication, citizen engagement, techno-political cultures…

Governing Technoscience and Society

Understanding democracy and democratic practices in the context of knowledge societies
Regulating emerging technologies, anticipating techno-scientific futures, making sense of technoscience in every day decisions

Developing new methods

Refining and advancing qualitative research methods to study the interactions between science and society