The library at the Department of Science and Technology Studies (NIG, Universitäts-straße 7/II/6h floor, 1010 Vienna) is part of the Sociology and Political Sciences Library of the University of Vienna. You can only find books with WF-... signatories here.
In general, our library is a reference library. The books can be read and copied at the Department.

Please note the current opening hours:


Opening Hours

during summer term 2022 (lecture period)

Mon - Thu: 09:00 - 16:00
Fri: 09:00 - 13:30

Please check the mainpage for opening hours during holiday breaks.

Lending Service

As it is a reference library, students can only borrow books over the weekend (Fr to Mon) on the following conditions:

  • books have to be fetched on Friday 10-13.00, and returned on Monday 10-15.00 [please note the reduced office hours during holiday breaks; telephone: 01-4277-49602]
  • deposit of a valid photo ID
  • 8 books maximum
  • no loaning of journals or encyclopedias!

If the books are not returned on time, the student is blocked from borrowing any other books for a month.