Lisa-Maria Ferent BA, MA

Researcher (prae doc)

Tel: +43-1-4277-49614


Lisa-Maria Ferent is a researcher at the Department of Science and Technology Studies. She studied political science (B.A.) and Science-Technology-Society (M.A.) at the University of Vienna.

Currently, she is working as a project collaborator in two projects situated at the department. Since 2018 she has been part of the ÖNB-funded project “Follow the money: The relations between funding streams for research and strategic targets as a challenge for university management”, which compares cases in Austria and Sweden using a mixed-methods approach. Starting in 2019, she is also part of the project team involved in #2, which investigates, among other things, values attributed to, as well as shaped and realized by, biobanks, and the relationship of biological data and being a citizen.

Her current main research interest centres on the question of how research comes to matter, and thus spans a multitude of questions looking into research dynamics, such as how do we make sense of and engage with research? How is it valued and governed? How is research constructed and shaped, and what/whom does it construct or affect in return?