Laura Bomm, MA


Tel: +43-1-4277-49620


Laura Bomm is a university assistant (pre-doc) at the plastic research platform PLENTY since September 2018. She studied Forest- and Nature Conservation (B.Sc.) and Communication, Health and Life Science (M.Sc.) at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She graduated with a thesis on people’s risk perception of microplastics. During her research internship in the project “Plastics-Publics-Politics“ at the Munich Centre of Technology in Society she contributed to a media analysis and investigated how German media are constructing the topic of microplastics.
Her interests in the interactions between plastics, the environment and society lead her to the PhD program of PLENTY. Together with her colleagues she developed the card-based focus group method IMAGINE PLASTICS that fosters an in-depth engagement of Viennese citizens with contemporary and future relationships between plastics and society. Her dissertation project addresses especially the different temporal narratives that citizens employ to make sense of, negotiate, and re-think the role of plastics.