Philipp Kürten, MA

(prae doc)



Philipp Kürten joined the Department of Science and Technology Studies as a university assistant (prae doc) in December 2023. Here, he is part of the FutureSpace project by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Nina Klimburg-Witjes, where he researches European space visions and Europe’s future in outer space from an STS perspective.

Philipp holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies from Maastricht University, where he majored in Science & Technology Studies, as well as a Master’s degree in Futures Studies from Freie Universität Berlin. Philipp’s research endeavours to uncover the co-productive relationships between science, technology and society, particularly by studying their potential futures, as well as their future narratives and imaginaries.

Philipp has applied his distinctive blend of STS with Futures Studies in several projects, among others as a visiting researcher at the European Space Agency (ESA). Within the scope of his PhD research, he currently delves into the sociotechnical imaginaries, the vision-formulation and the foresight-making within the European space transportation industry.