Online Event: 55. Netzpolitischer Abend, 6th May 2021

04.05.2021 07:49

Don't miss out! Katja Mayer, Senior Postdoc in the STS Department, is moderating the Netzpolitischer Abend (in German) online on 6th May 2021.

This week, on 6th May, the 55th "Netzwerkpolitischer Abend" moderated by Katja Mayer will take place. At this event one of our former students at the department of Science and Technology, Nikolaus Pöchhacker, will talk with Paola Lopez about legal machines - the use of artificial intelligence in the context of legal institutions. Christiane Wendehorst of the Department of Law will also explain the EU regulation regarding Fair AI. 

Starting at 7.30 pm on 6th May 2021, you can join the discussion and ask question using this link.

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