2024's first STS Talk


We are thrilled to announce Thomas Völker's STS Talk on 17th January 2024, 5.30 pm.

Feeding fish to save the world?

You can either participate in the STS Seminar Room (Universitätsstraße 7/Stiege II/6. Stock (NIG) 1010 Vienna) or you can also join us via Zoom (Meeting ID: 690 4706 2061 Passcode: 516306).



Norway is the world’s largest producer of farmed salmon, and current aquaculture strategies even project a five-fold increase of production by 2050. Unsurprisingly, (salmon) aquaculture is also a topic of public concern and debate: environmental impacts, food security, fish health, and escapes are among the most pressing issues. In recent years, Norwegian aquaculture has started a transition towards more sustainable, responsible, and circular practices. Policies developed on a European level are being implemented on a national and regional scale. In particular, attempts to create a more “circular” economy and the notion of “Responsible Research and Innovation” (RRI) play a crucial role.

In this talk, Thomas Völker will present his new research project – “Transitioning towards responsible and circular aquacultures: understanding the entanglements between marine sustainability, policy, and society” — that is part of the broader research programme SEAS (Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability) at the University of Bergen. This project explores how ideas of responsibility and circularity are translated in Norwegian food production systems. It will explore how various ways of producing and circulating knowledge, modes of governance and notions of innovation get entangled with institutional-organizational configurations and ideas about Norwegian (ocean) futures. It will do so by looking at a particular branch of aquaculture innovation that is currently getting increased attention: salmon feed.



Thomas Völker is a MSCA SEAS postdoctoral research fellow in Science and Technology Studies (STS). His research focuses on environmental governance and on attempts of transitioning towards more sustainable aquacultures. More specifically, Völker is interested in the development of novel feeds as a case of implementing circular economy policies and introducing principles of responsible research and innovation (RRI) in Norway.