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Book "Sensing In/Security" out now!


Nina Klimburg-Witjes has just published her new book!

Klimburg-Witjes, N., Pöchhacker, N., Bowker GC. (eds). (2021) Sensing In/Security. Sensors and the Making of Transnational Security Infrastructures. Mattering Press: Manchester, UK.

Sensing In/Security: Sensors as Transnational Security Infrastructures investigates how sensors and sensing practices enact regimes of security and insecurity.
It extends long-standing concerns with infrastructuring to emergent modes of surveillance and control by exploring how digitally networked sensors shape securitisation practices.

Read the open access version here!

Copyright © Nina Klimburg-Witjes, Nikolaus Poechhacker, Geoffrey C. Bowker, 2021

Cover art © Julien McHardy, 2021.

Cover Photo © Jonathan Allison on Unsplash.