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Science, Peace, Security, 8-10 Sep

STS Austria Workshop, 13-15 Sep

How to be a Researcher in the XXI Century, 14-17 Sep

On Friday, 10 September at 11am Bao-Chau Pham (Department of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna) and Anna-Katharina Ferl (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt) will be speaking about 'Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems' at the Science, Peace, Security 2021 conference. Find the full programme here!

The STS Austria Workshop takes place in Graz from 13 to 15 September. Fredy Mora-Gámez, Esther Dessewffy, Bao-Chau Pham, Andrea Schikowitz and Sarah davies will present their paper 'Choreographing Infrastructures/Infrastructuring Choreographies: A Multi-sited Ethnography of (Digital) Academic Work in the Pandemic' on 14 Sptember. On the same day Paul Trauttmansdorff will discuss about 'Making biometric infrastructures interoperable. A necessary political fiction?' and Pouya Sepehr about 'Coded jaywalkers and the performativity of smart traffic lights'. Nina Klimburg-Witjes will complete this day with the presentation of her new book 'Sensing In/Security: Sensors as transnational security infrastructures'.
On 15 September Ulrike Felt, Susanne Öchsner, Robin Rae present their paper about 'Storing, sharing, providing. Users’ visions of lives with/in/of digital health data infrastructures'.

Find the complete program here and check out the homepage!

Sarah Davies is speaking at an event in Italy, organised by CEST, focusing on 'How to be a Researcher in the 21st Century’.
The full program is available here! For online registration click here and for registration for in-presence participants (open until 10 September) click here!

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