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Markus Hoffman, Valentina Dopona and Katarzyna Ratasiewicz

12.11.2019 14:00

Nina Klimburg-Witjes will present her work at the Symposium for Innovation Governance and Security Controversies.

04.11.2019 17:00

This student-organized event series will focus on talking about what doing a PhD and research in STS is 'really' like.


The podcast is a quite popular form of storytelling. What approaches are there in the field of STS that use this medium, thus telling stories in a...

09.10.2019 17:00

Cities, planners and their relations

Monika KURATH (University of St. Gallen)


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STS Defensio

26 September 2019, 11:00

Sarah BIESZCZAD: Bee-coming Citizen Scientists: how beekeepers construct their roles in the INSIGNIA project


STS Defensio

16 September 2019, 16:00

Naoki MATSUYAMA: The Japanese Public Loudspeaker System as a Sonic Infrastructure of Deproblematization


STS Defensio

27 June 2019, 16:15

Sebastian EBERTH: Owing Christopher Columbus a Mission to Mars: Narrative Strategies in the Introductory Speeches of American...

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