Department of Science and Technology Studies

Science, technology and innovation shape life in modern societies in countless ways. Some of these are perceived as positive, others are deeply controversial. In turn, policy, corporations, the media and other societal actors influence how knowledge and technologies are produced. Science and technology studies analyzes these interactions, and aims to foster critical and reflexive debates on the relations of science, technology and society.

 News & Events


Timo BÜHLER (16.07.)

Thomas KUIPERS (16.07.)

Clemens ACKERL (21.07.)


Nine Klimburg-Witjes & Michael Clormann write about (visualizations of) space debris. Read the open access article here!


Nina Klimburg-Witjes and Matthias Leese (ETH) are organizing this virtual workshop as part of the 8th European Workshops in International Studies.


Is academia as we know it today sustainable? Ulrike Felt will discuss this issue at the first EuroScience Policy Forum.


Neue Folge Ars Boni: Katja Mayer spricht heute live um 18:30 Uhr über die Situation befristigt Beschäftigter an Universitäten.


Das Forschungskonsortium Smart4Health entwickelt eine mobile App, die es ermöglicht Gesundheitsdaten EU-weit zu verwalten, zu teilen und zu spenden.