Department of Science and Technology Studies

Science, technology and innovation shape life in modern societies in countless ways. Some of these are perceived as positive, others are deeply controversial. In turn, policy, corporations, the media and other societal actors influence how knowledge and technologies are produced. Science and technology studies analyzes these interactions, and aims to foster critical and reflexive debates on the relations of science, technology and society.

 News & Events


The podcast of PhD candidates in the humanities and the social sciences at the University of Vienna.


Nina Klimburg-Witjes gave an interview about space debris for Tech & Nature (in German). Read it here!


Ulrike Felt has just published her new book (available in German) !


Congratulation to Anna Pillinger, who won the AK-Wissenschaftspreis for her master thesis "Imagining Care Robots at a Dementia Station – Or: Wishing...



09.12.2021, 12:00-13:30


Strategieentwicklung ist ein Teil von wissenschaftlichem Leitungspersonal geworden. Das Projekt “Follow the Money” geht dieser Entwicklung nach.

 New Publications

Alburez-Gutierrez D, Chandrasekharan E, Chunara R, Gil-Clavel S, Hannak A, Interdonato R et al. Reports of the workshops held at the 2019 international AAAI conference on web and social media. AI Magazine. 2019 Jan 1;40(4):78-82.

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