Felt, Ulrike (2016) 'The temporal choreographies of participation. Thinking innovation and society from a time-sensitive perspective'. In Chilvers, Jason, and Kearnes, Matthew (eds), Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics. (London/New York: Routledge): 178-198. < Download preprint >

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Felt, U., Bister, M., Wagner, U., & Strassnig, M. (2007). Informed Consent als Verhandlungsraum zwischen Biomedizin und Gesellschaft. Unpublished. Unknown publisher.

Müller, A., Fochler, M., & Felt, U. (2007). Public consultation and foresight initiatives in Austria: Late start and hesitant implementation. In U. Felt (Ed.), Optimizing Public Understanding of Science and Technology, Final Report

Chavot, P., & Felt, U. (2007). (Re)n positionner la science dans l'espace public. In P. Hert (Ed.), Sciences et frontiéres: délimitations du savoir, objets et passages Unknown publisher.

Felt, U. (2007). The New Meaning of Leadership in Autonomous Universities. In B. Conraths, & A. Trusso (Eds.), Managing the University Community: Exploring Good Practice (pp. 11-12). Unknown publisher.

Showing entries 310 - 320 out of 367