Felt, Ulrike (2016) 'The temporal choreographies of participation. Thinking innovation and society from a time-sensitive perspective'. In Chilvers, Jason, and Kearnes, Matthew (eds), Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics. (London/New York: Routledge): 178-198. < Download preprint >

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Bell, A., Davies, S., & Mellor, F. (Eds.) (2008). Science and its Publics. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Wöhrer, V., Kiessling, S., Schneider, K., & Sölkner, S. (2008). "Science with all senses. Gender and science in the making". An ethnographical study of children in the museum. Poster session presented at Communicating science to the young - future networks, Wien, Austria.

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Gamauf, R., Müller, R., Wiedlack, M. K., Felt, U., & Schmidt, V. (2008). Was heißt denn überhaupt "gendern"? Unknown publisher. Die Presse

Showing entries 350 - 360 out of 431