Felt, Ulrike (2016) 'The temporal choreographies of participation. Thinking innovation and society from a time-sensitive perspective'. In Chilvers, Jason, and Kearnes, Matthew (eds), Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics. (London/New York: Routledge): 178-198. < Download preprint >

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Felt, U. (2011). Lauter Einschluss, leise Ausschlüsse - normative Visionen und gelebte Realitäten in der Forschung. In J. Dalhoff, & J. Girlich (Eds.), Conference Proceeding 'Fakten und Fassaden. Gleichstellungspolitiken und Geschlechterwissen in Wissenschaft und Forschung', 25-26.10.2010, Bonn, Deutschland (pp. 64-75).

Shrum, W., Mbatia, P., Palackal, A., Dzorgbo, D-B., Duque, R. B., & Ynalvez, M. A. H. (2011). Mobile Phones and Core Network Growth in Kenya: Strengthening Weak Ties. Social Science Research, 40(2), 614-625.

Felt, U., Igelsböck, J., Schikowitz, A., & Völker, T. (2011). The Problem Multiple - Constructing 'the Research Problem' in Transdisciplinary Project Contexts. In B. Hofstätter, & G. Getzinger (Eds.), Conference Proceeding '10th Annual IAS-STS Conference: Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies' Institute for advanced studies on science, technology and society (ias-sts).

Felt, U. (Interviewee), & Scheucher, C. (Author). (2010). "Als ob". Zum Thema: Fälschen. Radio show, Retrieved from

Showing entries 270 - 280 out of 431