Felt, Ulrike (2016) 'The temporal choreographies of participation. Thinking innovation and society from a time-sensitive perspective'. In Chilvers, Jason, and Kearnes, Matthew (eds), Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics. (London/New York: Routledge): 178-198. < Download preprint >

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Wöhrer, V. (Accepted/In press). Doing Feminism: Thinking identities differently. In M. Gorska, & M. Linkova (Eds.), Conference of Czech and Slovak Feminist Studies Unknown publisher.

Wöhrer, V. (2006). "Doing feminism" and other Theoretical Interventions. In M. Bidwell-Steiner, & K. Wozonig (Eds.), A Canon of Our Own? Kanonkritik und Kanonbildung in den Gender Studies (pp. 254-265). Unknown publisher.

Sigl, L. (2006). Keine Diättherapie ohne Arzt! Zur Etablierung von Diätassistentinnen in Österreich und im "Deutschen Reich" 1933 bis 1945. In I. Arias (Ed.), Im Dienste der Volksgesundheit. Frauen. Gesundheitswesen. Nationalsozialismus (pp. 211-232). Wien: Verlagshaus der Ärzte.

Bister, M., Felt, U., Strassnig, M., & Wagner, U. (2006). On the ambiguities of human tissue donated to medical research. Poster session presented at Life at the Margins, Wien, Austria.

Showing entries 330 - 340 out of 367