Most Recent Publications

Felder KF, Felt U, Penkler M. Enacting Diversity in Health Promotion: Coproducing Collectives and Obesities. 2013. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), San Diego, United States.

Felt U, Felder KF, Penkler M. Obesity Governance between Standardization and Diversity. 2013. Paper presented at International Symposium on Producing Knowledge, Governing Populations, Lyon, France.

Felt U, Felder KF, Penkler M. Policy Intervention as Moral Work - A Case Study of Obesity-Related Health Programs for Socially Disadvantaged Groups in Austria. 2013. Paper presented at 8th International Conference in Interpretative Policy Analysis, Wien, Austria.

Felt U, Fochler M. What Science Stories Do: Rethinking the Multiple Consequences of Intensified Science Communication. In Baranger P, Schiele B, editors, Science Communication Today. International Perspectives, Issues and Strategies. Paris: CNRS Editions. 2013. p. 75-90

Felt U. Wissenschaft. In Flicker E, Forster R, editors, Forschungs- und Anwendungsfelder der Soziologie. 2. ed. Wien: Facultas. 2013. p. 283-298

Felt U. Within, Across and Beyond – Reconsidering the Role of Social Science and Humanities in Europe. In Mayer K, König T, Nowotny H, editors, Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities, Conference Report (Vilnius, Lithuania, 23.-24.09.2013). Vilnius: Mykolas Romeris University Publishing. 2013. p. 53-63

Kubicek B, (ed.), Miglbauer M, (ed.), Muckenhuber J, (ed.), Schwarz C, (ed.). Arbeitswelten im Wandel. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven der Arbeitsforschung. Facultas, 2012.