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Klimburg-Witjes N, (ed.), Pöchhacker N, (ed.), Bowker GC, (ed.). Sensing In/Security: Sensors as Transnational Security Infrastructures. 1 ed. Manchester: Mattering Press, 2021.

Mora-Gámez F. Thinking beyond the ‘imposter’: gatecrashing un/welcoming borders of containment. In Woolgar S, Moats D, Vogel E, Helgesson CF, editors, The imposter as social theory: thinking with gatecrashers, cheats, and charlatans. Bristol University Press. 2021. p. 293-315

Anders T, Thaler S, Felt U. Schummeln trifft die ganze Uni. Der Standard. 2021 Mar 12.

Settele H (Editorial Journalist), Felt U (Interviewee). Dok 1: Der gekaufte Titel ORF I. 2021.

Forthuber X (Editorial Journalist), Felt U (Interviewee). "Doktor Bratislava": Wie geht plagiatsfreies Forschen? ORF Radio Oe1. 2021.

Mobach K (Editorial Journalist). Scientific Training as Economic Resource Universität Wien. 2021.

Matthews KRW, Iltis AS, Marquez NG, Wagner DS, Robert JS, de Melo-Martín I et al. Rethinking Human Embryo Research Policies. Hastings Center Report. 2021 Feb;51(1):47-51.

Showing entries 21 - 40 out of 495