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Davies SR. Learning to engage; engaging to learn: The purposes of informal science-public dialogue. In Holliman R, Whitelegg L, Scanlon E, Schmidt S, Thomas J, editors, Investigating science communication in the information age. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2009

Felt U, Stöckelová T. Modes of Ordering and Boundaries That Matter in Academic Knowledge Production. In Felt, Ulrike (ed.) Knowing and Living in Academic Research. Convergence and Heterogeneity in Research Cultures in the European Context. Prague: Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. 2009. p. 41-124

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Davies SR. "A bit more cautious, a bit more critical": Science and the public in scientists' talk. In Science and its Publics. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2008. p. 15-36

Showing entries 381 - 400 out of 493