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Schwarz-Plaschg C. The Politics and Public Imagination of Nano-labelling in Europe. In Eisenberger I, Kallhoff A, Schwarz-Plaschg C, editors, Nanotechnology: Regulation and Public Discourse.. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 2019. p. 179-210

Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg P (Author). Why should we study ignorance today? 2018.

Felt U (Author), Fochler M (Author), Richter A (Author), Schroeder R (Author), Sigl L (Author). How to weave societal responsibility into the fabric of universities Reflections - Blog of the STS Department at the University of Vienna. 2018.

Selkirk K, Selin C, Felt U. A Festival of Futures: Recognizing and Reckoning Temporal Complexity in Foresight. In Poli R, editor, Handbook of Anticipation. Chem: Springer. 2018

Bellamy R, Merkel W, Rajeev B, Felt U, Hay C, Verloo M. Challenges of inequality to social progress. In Rethinking Society for the 21st Century. Vol. 2. Cambridge University Press. 2018. p. 563-596

Showing entries 121 - 140 out of 493