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Selkirk K, Selin C, Felt U. A Festival of Futures: Recognizing and Reckoning Temporal Complexity in Foresight. In Poli R, editor, Handbook of Anticipation. Chem: Springer. 2018

Bellamy R, Merkel W, Rajeev B, Felt U, Hay C, Verloo M. Challenges of inequality to social progress. In Rethinking Society for the 21st Century. Vol. 2. Cambridge University Press. 2018. p. 563-596

Felt U. Living a Real-world Experiment: Post-Fukushima Imaginaries and Spatial Practices of “Containing the Nuclear”. In van de Poel I, Asveld L, Mehos DC, editors, Experimentation beyond the laboratory: new perspectives on technology in society. Routledge. 2018. p. 49-78

Leixnering S, Schikowitz A, Meyer R, Hammerschmid G. Multiple Shades of Grey: Opening the Black Box of Public Sector Executives’ Hybrid Role Identities. In Byrkjeflot H, Engelstad F, editors, Bureaucracy and Society in Transition. Comparative Perspectives. Vol. 33. Emerald Publishing. 2018. (Comparative Social Research, Vol. 33).

Mayer K, Kieslinger B, Schäfer T. Open and participatory citizen social science for evidence-based decision making. In Austrian Citizen Science Conference. Vol. 4. Frontiers Research Foundation. 2018. p. 74-77,

Showing entries 121 - 140 out of 496