Ongoing Doctoral and Master Theses

For completed doctoral and master theses see the department's list of publications.


AKYÜZ, Kaya: Genopolitics: The Dynamics in Trying to Make a New Research Field (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

BAYER, Florian: Indicators and metrics in the Social Sciences and Humanities: A case study on neoliberal transformations within an Austrian university (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

BOMM, Laura: Rethinking plastics: Citizen’s perception and sense making of plastics in contemporary Austrian society (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

DESSEWFFY, Esther: Topologies in Motion. Mapping academic engagement with simulation software for architectural design (Supervisor: Sarah Davies)

FALKENBERG, Ruth: Relevant Research?! How researchers negotiate relevance to socio-environmental challenges within their epistemic living spaces (Supervisor: Maximilian Fochler)

FERENT, Lisa-Maria: Biobanking: Creating, maintaining, and inhabiting a trading zone between service, research, and care (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

FRANTZ, Florentine: Living with the Ideals of Good Scientific Practice: Necessary Fictions, Distributed Responsibility and Reflexive Care in Contemporary Life Sciences (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

GAHBAUER, Susanne: Visual (Re)presentations of 'trans*' persons during hormonal treatment: doing and undoing the category of 'trans*' in biomedicine (and beyond) (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

JUST, Paul: Parkinson's disease put on trial: governing regenerative medicine (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

PAPADAKI ANASTASOPOULOUS, Artemis: (Re)assembling single-use plastics on different scales: In the EU, Greece and the Municipality of Sikinos (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

PHAM, Bao-Chau: Governing Artificial Intelligence: European Imaginaries (Supervisor: Sarah Davies)

POSPISIL, Bettina: Voice recognition systems in private households: The user behaviour of the Austrian citizens between technology-hype and security-concerns (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

SCHUH, Daniela: Re-framing citizenship in bioconstitutional futures. The case of transnational surrogacy in France and Germany (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

SCHERIAU, Michaela: How does (bio)ethics transform epistemological and medical practices? The role of expert associations in governing futures of human reproduction (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

SEPEHR, Pouya: Seeing and Knowing the City like an Algorithm (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

STERRER, Stefanie: Doing and Valuing Research at Universities of Applied Sciences (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

ULMER, Vera: Authorship Practices in the Making. On (E)Valuations, Responsibility and Care in Academic Publishing (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

VARGOLSKAIA, Virginia: Between Visions And Practices. An Ethnography Of Digitalization In Environmental Research (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

WARDEMANN, Rasmus Kvaal: Making research FAIR? Between policy imaginaries and research practices (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

Master Theses


ALBIEZ, Andreas: The Modern Monetary Theory Controversy: A Window into Macroeconomics (Supervisor M. Fochler)

BECK, Livia: De-Scription of the Humanitarian Design Artifact Blu-Box (Supervisor: S. Davies)

BEDNAROVA, Jana: How psychology produces understanding: The case of climate anxiety (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

BRAUN, Hanna: Tracing atmosphere(s) of new social housing in Vienna (Supervisor: A. Schikowitz) 

BUNTFUSS, Paul: Science advice in times of emergency. The case of the Robert-Koch Institut at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (Supervisor: C. Haddad)

ÇINAR, Gözde Özlem: Beauty Technologies (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

EDERER, Nora: Insects as Infrastructures: How Viennese vegetable gardeners know and value biological pest management (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

GIESSLER, Julius. Conceptualizing science in the Austrian education system. The case of the VWA. (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

GOLDBERG, Elaine: Sensory Realms of Research. An ethnographic exploration of postdigital workspaces of social scientists (Supervisor: S. Davies)

GÜL, Elif: Masculinity and Contraception (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

HÄMÄLÄINEN, Hanna-Kaisa: The implied visitor in an Al exhibition — studying inclusivity of science communication in a museum space (Supervisor: S. Davies)

HAFEZ, Xenia: Practices of demand in converging infrastructures (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

HOLMER, Constantin: The 'glacier marriage project'. The (re-)imagination of the future(s) of ski tourism in the Ötztal & Pitztal valleys in Tyrol, Austria (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

JENKINS, Barry: Boutique Virtual Analogue – The Real Deal or Virtual Insanity? How online users respond to Roland's digital recreations of their classic analogue synthesizers (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

KUNZ, Laura: The Socio-technical Imaginary of Citizen-Patient Empowerment in European healthcare research funding: future healthcare as individualized data practice (Supervisor: U. Felt)

LENZ, Daphne: Sustainable Chemistry – Caring for chemical pollution The assemblage of matters of chemical pollution (Supervisor: S. Davies)

LIERSCH, Carina: Controversial Highways. An intersectional analysis of materializing infrastructure (Supervisor: A. Schikowitz)

MANDZHIEVA, Renata: Creating Better Spaces: Public Participation in Urban Research and Planning in the Context of a Smart City Project (Supervisor: M. Fochler) 

MOORE, Georgie: Machine Learning Approaches for the Diagnosis of Unkown Primary (CUP) (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

NISHI, Masafumi: Promising the Future: Performativity of Expectations in European Nuclear Fusion Research and Development for ITER (Supervisor: U. Felt)

NOWAK, Veronika: Spacesuits for Mars. The Austrian Space Forum and its spacesuit program (Supervisor: N. Klimburg-Witjes)

PERLAKI, Eszter: Caring for Digital Contact Tracing: The case of the Austrian STOPP Corona App and data rights activism (Supervisor: S. Davies)

PETRUTIU, Andra Sonia: Postcolonial Science Studies and the Anthropocene: Lessons to be Learned for Climate Modelling in India and Beyond (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

PLUDE, Miakoda: Social Othering in the Classroom: An Ethnographic Study of Social Science Knowledge Production in a Higher Education setting (Supervisor: F. Mora Gámez)

RABÉ, Celine: The portrayal of forensic DNA-analysis in Austrian news media (Supervisor: S. Davies)

SAXINGER, Fabian Georg Maria: Do Algorithms dream of fair decisions? How publics enact algorithmic decision-making in the public employment sector (Supervisor: S. Davies)

SHELDON, Keziah: Hacking the laboratory: an exploration in the intersection of FOSS and academic research practices (Supervisor: S. Davies)

STILL, Laura: Knowledge Cultures of Former Austrian Conspiracy Theorists (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

TAUSCHER, Elisabeth: Performing a Nuclear Power Plant That Never Was One: Studying the Guided Tours through Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf (Supervisor: U. Felt)

TAXENBACHER, Magdalena: "Governing Trolls". The sociotechnical imaginaries of the internet in the face of governing disinformation (Supervisor: N. Klimburg-Witjes)

VANDER HOEVEN, Julia: Caring for Healthcare. Imagining and creating practices of care through developing digital health infrastructures (Supervisor: U. Felt)

VEDUTA, Anna: Human Cost of Military Innovations: To know or better not to? (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

WIESINGER, Sophie: Hormonal contraception Technologies. Accounting for the materiality, knowledge and expertise of oral hormonal contraception (Supervisor: S. Davies)

WINKLER, Florian: (E)valuation regimes and postcolonialism in the case of the solar geoengineering project SCoPex (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

WYNANDS, Harry: Science on Trial: Negotiationg the Boundaries of CDC Expertixe during Covid-19 (Supervisor: S. Davies)

ZINGERLE, Simon: Producing Compliant Publics: The performative display of public participation in an informational film by the German Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (Supervisor: U. Felt)