Transformations in Ecology Research

Project collaborators: Ulrike Felt, Karin Perkovits, Niki Vermeulen

BMWF - 06/2010-02/2011

The project on transformations in ecology research is commissioned by the Austrian Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung. The project investigates how ecology research has changed over the last decades due to the incorporation of recent developments in molecular biology -molecularisation- but also informatisation and globalisation. A special focus is on the ways in which scientific developments go hand in hand with organisational transformations in order to get a good overview of changes in the research practice in interaction with shifts in the socio-political context in which the research takes place. The project aims to compare the Austrian landscape of ecology research with its neighbours Germany and Switzerland, and will contribute to a re-evaluation of Austrian research policy in the realm of ecology.


Ulrike Felt