Vienna STS Talk, 26.11., 17:00

04.11.2021 10:00

"Assetization as a techno-economic mode of governance"

talk by Kean D. Birch (York University, Toronto)

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Time and date: 26.11.2021, 5:00 pm.

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"Assetization as a techno-economic mode of governance: Unpacking the transformation of digital data into an asset"

by Kean D. Birch

Technoscientific capitalism is based on the asset form. And almost anything nowadays can be turned into an asset – that is, something that can be controlled, traded, and capitalized as a revenue stream, discounting future revenues in the present. Objects, experiences, life forms, bodily functions, intellectual outputs, and much more can be an object of this transformation, or assetization. Although assets can be bought and sold, the point is to get a durable economic rent from them rather than sell them in a market. Rent derived from ownership and/or control of asset. Analysing assetization helps us to unpack and understand the contingent nature of this process, thereby providing us with insights into how to intervene and at what points this intervention might be most helpful. As such, assetization can be considered as a mode of techno-economic governance, as much as an analytical tool for unpacking contemporary capitalism.



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STS Talk Kean D. Birch

Time: Nov 26, 2021 05:00 PM Vienna

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