Diplom- & Masterarbeiten

Winkler, Antonia (2023): Datafying Relations/Relationalising Data: Rethinking collaboration in the context of the CERN open data portal (Supervisor: U. Felt).

Runggatscher, Kathrin (2023): Communicating (in) Epistemic Living Spaces — How Science Communication is Entangled with Early-Career Reserachers' Ways of Perception (Supervisor: S. Davies) <u:theses>

Lasser, Stefan (2023): Infrastructuring Citizen Science: Reflections around a commercial app development platform perspective (Supervisor: M. Fochler) <u:theses> 

Münster, Noah (2022): Accelerating Futures: Tracing expectations of a particle accelerator in the making (Supervisor: U. Felt) <u:theses>

Van Der Vaeren, Auriane (2022): The political deepfake phenomenon: how does it materialise and how do policy approaches affect that materialisation? (Supervisor: S. Davies) < u:theses >

Rust, Magnus (2022): Genetic Technologies of the Self. How lay people on YouTube make sense of their MyHeritageDNA ancestry tests (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Haiden, Sofie Anna (2022): "It all comes down to Soil.Life!" Exploring valuation practices of Austrian farmers aiming at developing climate-adapted and sustainable agriculture (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses > 

Borodin, Tatjana Andrea (2022): Valuing insects as 'good to eat' (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Sharon, Dikla (2022): The Biopolitics of Gene Therapy: Redefining Hemophilia through Policies (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses > 

Aartse, Eva (2022): Architecture as an Agent of Future Making. Envisions by Precht architects on sustainability in future cities (Supervisor: A. Schikowitz) < u:theses >

Baah, Rita (2022): "The System is Down". Narratives of Doctors and Nurses in a Hospital in Ghana Using the "Novel" Electronic Healh Records System (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Bornschlegl, Sebastian (2022): Re-assembling mobility for automated public transport. Exploring the implementation of two semi-autonomous shuttle buses into the Seestadt quarter of Vienna as a practice of network building (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Chang, Tzu-Min (2022): 3D Food Printing: Expectative Configuration of a Novel Food Technology by Developers (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Gusenbauer, Kathrin Helga (2022): Sophia - Citizen, Public Speaker, and Humanoid Robot. Envisaging human-machine relations (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Hlavac, Mario (2022): Fighting for Closure. Ontological Commitments and the Role of the Experiment in the Sheldrake vs. Rose controversy (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Horn, Carsten (2022): Regulating Digital Health. How does an App become a digital health application? (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses > 

Kostadinova, Roberta (2022): Constructing a New Sense of (Digital) Identity: The perspective of Chinese migrants on social media surveillance beyond regional borders (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Lindner, Luca (2022): Making Space for Safer Use: The Ontological Politics of Drug Checking (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Makai-Bölöni, Péter (2022): Hungary's Integration in the European 'Space’. Tracing sociotechnical imaginaries of European integration in Hungarian space activities (Supervisor: N. Klimburg-Witjes) < u:theses >

Pieters, Patrick (2022): Out of the Blue? Contesting Imaginaries of Predictive Analytics through a Multiplicity of Critiques (Supervisor: N. Klimburg-Witjes) < u:theses > 

Reding, Steve (2022): Putting Success in Performing Research back into Context(-s): How researchers at the Faculty of Theology at University of Vienna react to and make sense of regimes of research (e-)valuation (Supervisor: L. Sigl) < u:theses > 

Ackerl, Clemens (2021): Manifestations of Expectations within Industry 4.0? Tracing the expectations of the Arbeiterkammer (Austrian Chamber for Workers and Employees) on Industry 4.0 as a socio-technical revolution of work (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Bühler, Timo (2021): Scripting 'Normality'. Habit tracking apps and the moralities of technologically mediated practices (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Cudlik, Marc (2021): Infested Code: The remediaton of software bugs through Coordinated Vunerability Disclosure (CVD) (Supervisor: S. Davies) < u:theses >

Diaz Lamothe, Ana Raquel (2021): Information and Communication Technologies & the Migration Process of Latin Americans Moving to Vienna. An ANT approach (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Fischer, Fabian (2021): Ambiguous Supervision: How developers address ambiguous labeling for machine learning (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Hennebach, Marilen (2021): Having a License to Ask Strange Questions in Very Formal Situations. Growing into Artistic Research (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Hurme, Milla Emilia (2021): Whose Goods, Whose Science? A Case Study of Narratives in Austrian Stem Cell Research (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses > 

Kronberger, Sofie (2021): Law & Order: Machine Learning. Encountering Evidence within the Fields of Law Enforcement and Machine Learning (Supervisor: K. Mayer) < u:theses >

Kuipers, Thomas (2021): Extras in the Theater of Big Data. Fitting Students into an Algorithm (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Mort, Harrie (2021): How does Bristol City Council imagine Bristol(ians) as a 'sustainable' sociotechnical system? (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Ochia, Oana (2021): Do Cemeteries Have a Future? Sustainability, Obduracy and Urban Sociotechnical Change in the Viennese Central Cemetery (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Osipova, Ekaterina (2021): Ambiguous Singular, Tangible Multiples: Trans People´s Enactments of PCOS (Care) (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Prendl, Angela (2021): Research at Home? Social Scientists and their Understanding and Use of the Internet as a Site of Research (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Rippl, Melanie (2021): Manipulating the Menstrual Cycle. Ordinary Period Stories with a Dash of Hormones: A case study on user experiences of hormonal contraceptive technology (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Schmidt, Hugh (2021): The Good Scientist? How evangelical biologists construct the relationship between faith and science (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Sidiropoulos, Viktor (2021): Enacting social innovation through a social entrepreneurship infrastructure: the case of Impact Hub Vienna (Supervisor: L. Sigl) < u:theses >

Stack, Shauna (2021): Regimes of (problematized) valuation? (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Wieringa, Cyntha (2021): Can Computers be Non-Binary? Tracing the role of gender in visual computing projects at VRVis Vienna (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Wolkenstein, Maresa Barbara (2021): Does a conception of public influence how science journalists do their work? An ethnographic study of how science content is produced in Austrian daily newspapers (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Dessewffy, Esther (2020): Exploring Temporal Politics of Space. An Ethnographic Case Study of an Open Plan Office (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Eltem, Mehmet Irfan (2020): Governing Technologies: Blockchain Technology (Supervisor: I. Metzler) < u:theses >

Fox, David (2020): Enacting Digital (In)Security: The Practice of Critique in Information Security Research (Supervisor: N. Klimburg-Witjes) < u:theses >

Huber, Sophie Marie (2020): A Cult of Technoscience? Rhetorical Devices, Narratives, and Sociotechnical Visions in Transhumanist Political Party Programs (Supervisor: I. Metzler) < u:theses >

Kremer, Alexandre Edouard (2020): Bionics - Following the Footsteps of a Sociotechnical Vanguard. Case Study: Hugh Herr (Supervior: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Lehmann, Tobias (2020): Contemporary Bibliometrics in the Governance of Science: An Epistemic Cultures Perspective (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Lin, Meihsin (2020): Sociotechnical Imaginary in the Making: Kapsch's Vanguard Vision in Future Mobility (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Pillinger, Anna (2020): Imagining Care Robots in a Geriatric Care Center - or: Wishing for a Unicorn (Supervisor: L. Sigl) < u:theses >

Bieszczad, Sarah Rose (2019): Bee-coming Citizen Scientists: How Beekeepers Construct Their Role(s) in the INSIGNIA Project. (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses > 

De Souza, Cylene (2019) First, Do No Harm: Care Practices, Multiple Meanings and Cultural Claims at the Elderly´s End of Life in a Brazilian Hospital Network (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Eberth, Sebastian (2019): "America's Destiny to Lead" - Presidential Contributions to the Sociotechnical Imaginary of 'Conquering Space' (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses > 

Falkenberg, Ruth (2019): Downward-facing Dog Meets Randomized Controlled Trial - Investigating Valuations in Biomedical Research on Yoga (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Andriescu-Branza, Alina (2019): Music Technology in Music Education (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Dopona, Valentina (2019): Facebook: an (Un)Contested Boundary Infrastructure: Tracing Discursive Constructions of Facebook in Political Communication Research (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Hoffmann, Markus (2019): Living with Hensachi: Students' Perspectives of Rankings and the Meaning of Universities in Japan (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses > 

Nudman, Ari (2019): Successful Stories of Success: The Rhetorical (Re)Presentation of the Biomedical and Healthcare Research in Policy within the Horizon 2020 Framework Program (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u: theses > 

Marante Mendoza, Daniel Eduardo (2019): Production of Expectations: Diabetes and Insulin Pumps (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Matsuyama, Naoki (2019): Training Sounds: The Japanese Public Loudspeaker System as a Sonic Infrastructure of Deproblematization (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses > 

Papadaki Anastasopoulous, Artemis Anna (2019): Plastic Matters: Material Politics of Plastics in the Environment Agency Austria (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses > 

Rasz, Stefan (2019): Visions of AI: Tracing Artificial Intelligence Governance in Europe and the United States (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses > 

Ratasiewicz, Katarzyna (2019): Vinyl Is Not What It Used To Be: Users, Expectations, and Identities of Gentrified Technology (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Ferent, Lisa-Maria (2019): Conceptualizations of Research Participation in Studies about and Academic Scientific Research on Asexuality by Members of the AVEN Community (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Kusta, Olsi (2019): Introducing the Virtual Microscope at the Medical University of Graz - The Impact of Educational Technologies in Teaching Practices at the Department of Pathology (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Abdurasulova, Khurshida (2018): The Responsibility for the Aral Sea Disaster: Communicating and Framing Scientific Knowledge in Printed Media (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

De Pagter, Jesse (2018): Imaginaries of the use of Big Data for the public benefit. (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Frantz, Florentine (2018): Just a little bit of cheating?! - Austrian media discourses on research integrity, moral order and the imaginary of being a good scientist (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses > 

Heimstädt, Cornelius (2018): (Un)Boxing Agriculture: Moments of Infrastructural Valuation at a Delivery Service for Alternative Food (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses >

Kennedy, Laurel (2018): Promises and Challenges of Genome Editing: The Work of Bioethics Reports (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Neumann, Victoria (2018): Time and Temporalities of Informed Consent Documents in Genetic Research (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Sepehr, Pouya (2018): Planning the unplanned; the case of iranian urben regeneration projects for informal settlements (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < u:theses >

Sukrakarn, Ployplor (2018): Controversy over Health Risk from Electromagnetic Field (EMF): the case of cell tower in Thailand (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < u:theses > 

Winkler, Bernhard (2018): The moral Work of Anecdotes about Obesity in Austrian and UK Newspapers (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Atay, Edibe Sinem (2017) Passively Inhabiting the ‘City of the Future’- Exploring the Imaginations about the Prospective Inhabitants by Analyzing the Promotional Videos of Songdo (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < abstract >

García Vera, Julio Miguel (2017) Exploring bridging processes between research and policy communities in transnational contexts: A case study of the Sumforest ERA-NET (Supervisor: U. Felt) < abstract >

Heng, Joanne (2017): Valuing Nature. An investigation into the methods used for valuing ecosystem services in the Recharge.green Project (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < abstract >

Hoppál, Krisztina (2017) Participating in the construction of the sociotechnical imaginary of U.S. military drone technologies: A study of the politico-administrative narratives under Obama's presidency (Supervisor: U. Felt) < abstract >

Horvath, Delila Mercedesz (2017) The Blueprint of Development - Knowledge Transfer in the Development and Aid Sector (Supervisor: U. Felt) < abstract >

Ionescu, Tudor-Basarab (2017) Emergency Response in Action: Expertise, Imaginaries, and Communication in Nuclear Crisis (Supervisor: U. Felt) < abstract >

Längle, Stephan (2017) Popular Culture and Science Communication on Social Network Sites – A study on edutainment in the YouTube videos Because Science by Kyle Hill (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < abstract >

Saljoughi, Arghavan (2017) Beyond Technology: Micro Irrigation Systems and the Changing Livelihoods of a Community: A Case Study of the Iranian Village of Lamlang, Province Gorgan (Supervisor: U. Felt) < abstract >

Smalldon, Lucas (2017) Who is DARPA? The Construction of Institutional Identities (Supervisor: U. Felt) < u:theses >

Sorgner, Helene (2017) Economics in the Laboratory. A Case Study on Epistemic Practices and Valuations in Experimental Economics (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < abstract >

Angelov, Emil (2016) Autonomous Cars: Imagining Safety (Supervisor: E. Aarden) < abstract >

Fedor, Jan (2016) Conceptualisation, Potentials, Imaginations and Expectations of Additiva Manufacturing in Austria: Vision of Future Social Implications of 3D/4D Printing (Supervisor: Ph. Sormani) < u:theses >

Khan, Zabrina (2016) 3D printing, the visually impaired and the museum. A case study on user innovation and user imaginaries of the visually impaired in the context of 3D printing and the museum (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < abstract >

Metonou, Ramissou Alice Andrea (2016) Diabetes Self-Management: Understanding the Impact of Technological Innovation in & on the Society (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < abstract >

Pöchhacker, Nikolaus (2016) Smart Cities, Smart Citizens? Imagined Users in a Data Driven Environment. (Supervisor: K. Mayer) < u:theses >

Sehgal, Saransh (2016) IAEA's 3/11 Communiqué. Understanding the Communication Activities of IAEA in the Case of the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis. (Supervisior: U.Felt) < abstract >

Altenhofer, Marlene (2015) Resisting Surveillance. The Performance and Staging of Expertise of a Bottom-up Organised Privacy Advocacy Group (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < abstract >

Bachinger, Leo Matteo (2015) Images, Imagineers and Imaginations. The Politics of Making "the Future" of Ambient Assisted Living (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Bayer, Florian (2015) Nuclear Energy Futures. The appropriation of the Atomic Age in Post-War Austria (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Ben-Gur, Noa Rachel (2015) 'The Homework Tag is Officially Deprecate': On creating scientific knowledge through tagging it right - A case study on Stackoverflow.com (Supervisor: Ph. Sormani) < u:theses >

Kerr, Jack (2015) Casual Biometrics: Sociological Expectations and Changing Discourses (Supervisior: P. Sormani) < download >

Hafner Andreas (2015) An unidentified flying ontology - The enactment of UFOs in official documents and in the media (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < abstract >

Böhm, Bernhard (2014) Arts-based....What? Tracing Practitioners´ Narratives on Knowing and Living in an Arts-based Research Projekt (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < download >

Eitenberger, Magdalena (2014) When Acupuncture Travels - Transporting and Translating Acupuncture to the Austrian Context (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Frank, Melanie (2014) Making Sense of Depression in the Media - How Austrian Print Media Construct the Disease Concept of Depression (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Fürst, Moritz (2014) Library in the Making: Digitization in Librarians´ Practice (Supervisor: Ph. Sormani) < download >

Graf, Sophie (2014) Encountering Science in a Sitcom - How 'The Big Bang Theory' Stages Science (Supervisor: U. Felt)

Kapeller, Reiner (2014) 'Fixing the Body Scanner' - A Discursive Stakeholder Analysis of ATR Software in the United States of America (Supervisor: K. Mayer) < abstract >

Klaura, Andrea Ida Malkah (2014) Computer Scientists & their Publics. On Constructions of 'Participation' and 'Publics' in Participatory Design and Research (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Kühne, Alexander (2014) Emerging Trends in Machine Autonomy: Defining and Regulating Intelligent Machines (Supervisor: U. Felt)

Lehner, Lisa (2014) Tracing Identities Through Time. Assisted Reproduction, Narratives of Time and Women´s Biographical Work (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < download >

Liska, Christopher (2014) Strategies and Resistance in the Wild. The Mutual Shaping of a Small Scale ERP Technology and Local Practices (Supervisor: Ph. Sormani)

Marcetic, Dusan (2014) The Making of Energy Futures. Future Energy Scenarios in Videos and Documents of Multinational Companies (Supervisor: U. Felt)

McCormack, Timothy (2014) The Media Framing of Technological Disasters. A Comparative Analysis of the Piper Alpha and Deepwater Horizon Disasters (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Schröttner, Bernhard (2014) Obesity in Austrian News. A Semantic Network Analysis of Austrian Newspaper Articles (Supervisor: U. Felt)

Taskin, Cagla (2014) 'Like a Journal, but with Feedback'. On Bereavement, Knowledge Sharing and Emotional Exchange on a Suicide Survivors´ Forum (Supervisor: U. Felt)

Wagner, Isabella (2014) Gaining a Picture of Science? Visualisations in the Research Community of Scientometrics and Informetrics (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Zhong, Xingfei (2014) 'Formidably it Stands'. Revitalizing Austria´s Anti-GMO Spirit in the Midst of EU´s Struggle to Authorize the Cultivation of GM 1507 Maize (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Brayton, Thomas (2013) Identities Mediated, Worlds Calculated. The Sociotechnical Imaginary of ‘Precision Warfare’ and Case Study Analysis (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Crowder, Ryan (2013) 'Unfurling the Future' - Generating Credibility and the Master Narrative in the 'edX Announcement Conference' (Supervisor: Ph. Sormani) < download >

Foith, Michael (2013) Deus per Machinam? Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Human Enhancement Technologies in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Supervisor: K. Mayer) < abstract >

Navarro, Stephanie (2013) Practices of Medical Staff in Post-mortem Organ Procurement: Interviews with Medical Staff (Supervisor: M. Fochler) < abstract >

Pintsuk, Julia (2013) Jedes Wesen bleibe, wohin es die Natur gewiesen!" Zur Ko-Produktion von Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft im universitären Diskurs über die Zulassung von Frauen zum Medizinstudium und Arztberuf (Wien, 1867-1900) (Betreuerin: U. Felt) < abstract >

Rieder, Gernot (2013) Making Futures Public: On the Modalities and Intricacies of Qualitative Social Science Nano Research (Supervisor: U. Felt) < download >

Salemmi, Iacopo (2013) The Spread-ification of the Italian Society. The Strange Public Career of an Economical Indicator (Supervisor: U. Felt)

Schürz, Stefanie (2013) A Late Night with Left4Dead: Scrutinizing Online Social Play as a Socio-Technical Assemblage (Supervisor: U. Felt) < abstract >

Zacharias, Kari (2013) Manufacturing Know-How and Quantifying to Conquer: Exploring the Engineering Company as a Site of Knowledge Production through the Work Practices of Employees (Supervisor: U. Felt) < abstract >

Kainrath, Martina (2012) Massenmedien als Testlabor für Nanomedizin. Diskursanalyse der Medienberichterstattung in Österreich. < abstract >

Kühne, Tobias (2012) A Zeppelin Endeavor: Understanding Technological Developments through Social Construction of Technology. < download >

Schuh, Daniela (2012) Verbotene Kinder - Zur Ko-Produktion von Elternschaft, nationaler Zugehörigkeit und Technologie anhand der Debatte über Leihmutterschaft und Reproduktionstourismus in französichen und deutschen Medien. < download >

Stubenberg, Camillo (2012) 'The Weisse Wanne' - Hard Standards Shaping Soft Concrete. An ANT´s Investigation. <download >

Treiblmayr, Stefan (2012) Die Zukunft als Versprechen. Ein Vergleich unterschiedlicher Versprechenskulturen innerhalb der österreichischen Gentechnik-Diskussion. < download >

Felder, Kay (2010) Gewichtige Erzählungen - Mediale Konstruktion von Übergewicht zwischen genetischem Determinismus und Eigenverantwortlichkeit. < download >

Harrasser, Doris (2010) Dis(Playing) Science - Eine ethnographische Studie über die Inszenierung und Performanz von experimentellen Wissensformen im ZOOM Kindermuseum in Wien. < download >

Musik, Christoph (2009) Die Sehnsucht, das Innere des Menschen in seinem Äußeren zu erkennen. Von der Physiognomik zur automatischen Gesichtsausdruckserkennung. < download >

Nagel, Tanja (2009) Lassen wir die Fakten sprechen? Populärwissenschaftliche Rekonstruktionen und Dekonstruktionen von Geschlechterdifferenz.

Furtmüller, Katharina (2008) Leben mit Diabetes - zwischen normativem medizinischen Wissen und komplexen Alltagtszusammenhängen. Eine qualitative Analyse dieses Spannungsverhältnisses.

Höcher, Bernhard (2008) Information & soziale Ordnung. Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Beurteilung von Gesundheitsinformationen durch InternetnutzerInnen und expertise-geleiteten Qualitätskriterien, wie Gütesiegel. < download >

Klinc, Gregor (2008) Über das Verbiegen von schwarzen Kästen – Das Sports Utility Vehicle im Blickfeld einer symmetrischen Anthropologie.

Öhler, Theresa (2008) Schlüssige Verdachtsmomente. Zur Konstruktion von Expertise in einer Kontroverse um Mobilfunkmasten. < download >

Rae, Robin (2008) Von Online-Shopping kann hier überhaupt nicht gesprochen werden.

Reischl, Hanna (2008) "Making the past future present". Zukunftskonstruktionen im Reproduktionstechnologie-Diskurs vor Inkrafttreten des Fortpflanzungsmedizingesetzes von 1992 in Österreich.

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Simhofer, Ingrid (2008) Mediale Konstruktion von Risiko am Beispiel der Handystrahlendebatte im August 2005.

Müller, Ruth (2007) The One is the Many: Co-producing Individuals and Collectives in Genetic Testing for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer. < download >

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Fochler, Maximilian (2003) Magic Bullets with Butterfly Wings: The cooperation between experts and lay people in a patients' association, the case of Debra Austria. < download >

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Strassnig, Michael (2003) Die gemeinsame Produktion von hybriden Objekten durch Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft in den Massenmedien. Eine Akteur-Netzwerk-Studie am Beispiel von Humangenomsequenz und embryonaler Stammzelle. < download >

Kappacher, Annette (2002) Funktionssysteme und soziale Realität: Kommunikation und Entscheidung. Eine systemtheoretische Analyse zu Einflussmöglichkeiten des Wirtschaftssystems auf das Wissenschaftssystem.

Mager, Astrid (2002) „Ewige Jugend“ – „Menschliche Ersatzteile“ – „Zuwenig Verkehrstote“. Organtransplantation im Kontext österreichischer Medienberichterstattung.

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Schindler, Hannes and Ribitsch, Stefan (2002) Gehör finden. Gehörlose: Selbstzuschreibungen, Fremdzuschreibungen und technische "Lösungen". Eine soziologische Studie rund um die Cochlea-Implantation bei Kindern.

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