Department of Science and Technology Studies

Science, technology and innovation shape life in modern societies in countless ways. Some of these are perceived as positive, others are deeply controversial. In turn, policy, corporations, the media and other societal actors influence how knowledge and technologies are produced. Science and technology studies analyzes these interactions, and aims to foster critical and reflexive debates on the relations of science, technology and society.

 News & Events


We are happy to announce Doris Allhutter's STS talk, on 25th October, 5.30 pm.


„Umwelt im Gespräch“ ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe des Forschungsverbunds Umwelt und Klima und der Universität Wien in Kooperation mit dem...


We warmly invite you to the defensio of Laura Kunz.


Ulrike Felt, Susanne Öchsner, Robin Rae and Ekaterina Osipova have just published a new article in the Journal of Responsible Innovation.


Am Institut ist ehestmöglich die Position eines/r Drittmittel- und KommunikationsreferentIn zu besetzen.


Paul Trauttmansdorff and Nina Klimburg-Witjes have just published a new book called:

 New Publications

Passoth J-H, Bowker GC, Klimburg-Witjes N, Van Mannen G-J. Hacking Satellites. In Sensing In/Security: Sensors as Transnational Security Infrastructures. Manchester: Mattering Press. 2021. p. 399-409

Klimburg-Witjes N, (ed.), Pöchhacker N, (ed.), Bowker GC, (ed.). Sensing In/Security: Sensors as Transnational Security Infrastructures. 1 ed. Manchester: Mattering Press, 2021. doi:

Gugganig M, Klimburg-Witjes N. Island Imaginaries. Introduction to a special section. Science as Culture. 2021 Jul 3;30(3):321-341. doi: 10.1080/09505431.2021.1939294

Mora-Gámez F. Thinking beyond the ‘imposter’: gatecrashing un/welcoming borders of containment. In Woolgar S, Moats D, Vogel E, Helgesson CF, editors, The imposter as social theory: thinking with gatecrashers, cheats, and charlatans. Bristol University Press. 2021. p. 293-315