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24.03.2014 17:00

Vienna STS Talk: Sergio SISMONDO

Choreographing the pharmaceutical two-step: Creating key opinion leaders

06.03.2014 17:30

Responsible Research and Innovation

„Responsible Research and Innovation“: Welche Rolle kommt dabei der Universität zu?


14.01.2014 17:00

January 2014: Open lecture by Linda SONERYD

Citing success: A Swedish model for stakeholder involvement travels to the Czech Republic

05.12.2013 17:00

December 2013: Open lecture by Sarah R DAVIES

Deficit, Deliberation and Delight


8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference (IPA) 2013

Interpretive research in the study of politics represents a leading challenge to positivism and scientism in the name of a methodological pluralism...

18.06.2013 17:30

June 2013: Open lecture by Tereza STÖCKELOVÁ

Making frames explicit: Embedded asymmetries, power effects & interferences in practicing comparison

11.06.2013 17:00

June 2013: Open lecture by William J KINSELLA

Risks, Regulation, and Rhetoric: The Uncertain State of Commercial Nuclear Power in the US

23.05.2013 17:00

May 2013: Open lecture by Alexandra SUPPER

Data Karaoke: Studying the Conferences of the Sonification Community


21.03.2013 17:00

March 2013: Open lecture by Philippe SORMANI

Re-specifying Lab Ethnography? An Ethnomethodological ‘Take’

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