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18.07.2011 16:00

July 2011: Open lecture by Bart Penders and John N. Parker

Collaboration in Nutrition and Ecology

07.09.2010 13:31

Open lecture by Jacob Metcalf

"Humanized Animals and the Logic of Close Enough: A Case Study in Constructing an Object of Ethical Inquiry"


"Risky entanglements? Contemporary research cultures imagined and practised"

International Conference, organized by the Department of Social Studies of Science

25.01.2010 18:00

January 2010: Open lecture by Niki Vermeulen

Supersizing Science: the case of big biology

18.01.2010 18:00

January 2010: Open lecture by Rick B. Duque

The Tree of Enmity: Post-global science, tribalsism and multi-ethnic democracy in Kenya

14.12.2009 18:00

Gastvortrag "Die Geburt der Wissenschaften aus dem Geist des Rechts"

von Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Manfred E.A. Schmutzer (Vorstand des Instiuts für Technik und Gesellschaft an der TU Wien)


"Nanotechnology Governance Compared"

International Workshop

(Organized in cooperation with the Life Science Governance (LSG) Research Platform of the University of Vienna)

26.05.2009 16:00

May 2009: Invited Lecture by Sulfikar Amir

"Nuclear Risk and Civic Epistemology: The State and Anti-Nuclear Movements in Democratic Indonesia"


Veranstaltungsreihe „Konturen / Wissenschaft im Wandel“

Im Rahmen von Konturen: Eine Veranstaltungsreihe zur öffentlichen Repräsentation von Wissenschaftler/innen finden unter dem Übertitel „Wissenschaft im...

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