Department of Science and Technology Studies

Science, technology and innovation shape life in modern societies in countless ways. Some of these are perceived as positive, others are deeply controversial. In turn, policy, corporations, the media and other societal actors influence how knowledge and technologies are produced. Science and technology studies analyzes these interactions, and aims to foster critical and reflexive debates on the relations of science, technology and society.

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Der Beitrag beleuchtet die zunehmende Gefahr, die durch Tausende von Trümmerteilen im Weltraum entsteht, und erläutert die Auswirkungen auf die...


We are thrilled to announce Thomas Völker's STS Talk on 17th January 2024, 5.30 pm.


FutureSpace is a 5-year research project at the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at the University of Vienna. The project is led by...


We are thrilled to announce Stefan Böschen's STS Talk on 12 December 2023, 5.30 pm.

STS Talks Vienna

Im Forschungsprojekt „Valuing, Being, Knowing“ wurde untersucht, wie Fragen von gesellschaftlicher Relevanz in den Lebenswissenschaften mehr zum...


We are thrilled to announce that Professor Sarah Davies is giving an ITA seminar on 5 December, 1.30 pm:

 New Publications

Blauensteiner P, Kampel M, Musik C, Vogtenhuber S. A socio-technical approach for event detection in security critical infrastructure. In 2010 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - Workshops. PIscataway, NJ: IEEE. 2010. p. 23-30 doi: 10.1109/CVPRW.2010.5543164