Admission for the Academic Year 2022/23

The master programme Science-Technology-Society has a strong international and interdisciplinary orientation. We hence strongly encourage the participation of students from different cultural backgrounds, as well as from different disciplinary contexts – ranging from the social sciences to the humanities, the natural sciences and engineering. A reasonable command of English is needed to participate in classes and academic discussions, but also for written assignments.

For admission to the master programme a Bachelor or equivalent academic degree is required. For prospective students with a Bachelor degree which is not in the social sciences, a selected number of additional courses in theory and methods may be prescribed.

The University of Vienna limits the number of students newly admitted to the master programme “Science-Technology-Society” to 40 persons per academic year.

Application period

Admission for the Academic Year 2022/23

March 1st - May 3rd, 2022

for details see here

Recordings of the first Information Event

The event took place on 19th January 2022, via Zoom.

You can find the recordings here. Passcode: zt7?m%RF


Scientific and technological developments play a crucial role in how we live in modern societies, and in how we imagine societal futures. At the same time, social values, political agendas or economic logics influence how scientific research is conducted and technological artifacts are designed. Science, technology and society are hence inextricably interrelated. This constitutes the object of research of the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS).

After a presentation of the program director, there were opportunities for questions from prospective students.

Contact Information

In case you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Please carefully study the information about the admission formalities and procedure below,
and refer to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section at the very end of this page.

However, if you're in need of clarification, respectively want to get further input by our Teaching Assistants, please contact us by eMail to

Additionally, we offer Skype dates with the Teaching Assistants on appointment - please schedule a date via

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure will be carried out in three stages:

  • Examination of the formal requirements; this particularly includes an examination whether the bachelor diploma has been issued by an accredited institution of post-secondary education and whether it is equivalent to a social science bachelor, or whether this equivalence can be reached by prescribing additional courses up to a maximum of 30 ECTS
  • Examination of English language proficiency (see below)
  • Assessment of the argumentative quality of the letter of motivation (see below)

Required Steps

You can apply for admission to our master's programme via u:space.
U:space is the portal for students from the University of Vienna. It is the central access point for all services related to the organisation of your studies.

Is it the first time that you enrol at the University of Vienna?

The registration requires two steps: activating your u:account and registering for u:space.

  • Activating your u:account: Via your u:account, you have access to the IT services of the University of Vienna. In the course of activating your u:account, you will receive your UserID for logging in to u:space. To activate your u:account please follow the instructions here.
  • Registering for u:space: Having successfully activated your u:account, you will receive an e-mail with your login data for u:space. There, you enter your personal data, which will be stored for all further activities. Following your registration, you can apply for admission to a degree programme in U:SPACE and edit your personal data. To apply for the master's programme go to "Master" --> "Master's Degree Programme Science-Technology-Society"

You already study/studied at the University of Vienna?

As a student, you can log into u:space in the usual way, select our master’s programme from a list of possible degree programmes and finally apply for admission. To apply for the master's programme go to "Administration" --> "Admission to Degree Programmes" --> "Master" --> "Master's Degree Programme Science-Technology-Society"

Required documents

Some documents may require additional legalisation, depending on the country of issue (see below)

  • Bachelor Diploma (scanned in .PDF-format), or a transcript proving that 150 ECTS or more have been completed in your bachelor, or a letter of reference by your current institution stating that you will receive your bachelor degree by 30th September
  • Diploma Supplement, Transcript of Records or Consolidated Grade Record (scanned in .PDF-format)
  • Passport or identity card (scanned in .PDF-format)
  • Letter of motivation (see below)
  • Proof of English proficiency (see below)
  • Full curriculum vitae in English 

Documents which are not originally issued in either German or English need to be presented both in original as well as in translation to either English or German. The translation must be done by an officially registered translator. A further legalization or notarization of documents or their translation may be necessary depending on the country where your documents were issued. Please see this page from the admission office for more information:

Further note: applicants from China (People's Republic) have to additionally present a certificate by the Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfungsstelle - APS) of the German embassy in Peking.

If you are unsure about a specific document or a specific case, please get in touch with the admission office (Studienzulassung) directly. You can find the contact form here.

Proof of English proficiency

Applicants are required to prove their proficiency in English on the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
For details (which certificates are accepted) please see here.

Proving German proficiency is not required for this programme.

Letter of Motivation

The letter of motivation should be between 1500 and 2500 words in length, and address the following questions in clearly separated sections:

  • Why do you think that science-technology-society relations are relevant and important in the contemporary world and why do you think a study of these relations is necessary?
  • What is your personal motivation to apply for this programme?
  • In which ways do you think your prior experiences, qualifications, and skills will support your studies in this new domain?
  • What do you expect to learn in doing the master programme, and which role does it play in your further academic, personal, and professional development?
  • Having looked at the past and present research projects and foci of the Department of Science and Technology Studies of the University of Vienna, which questions relate most to your own current interests?

The document must be written in English, page numbered, and in A4 format. The name of the applying student as well as the word count of the document must be included in the document header.

Notification of candidates & further procedure

Candidates will be informed in June whether they have been accepted to the programme. The official notification of admission can be used to apply for a residence authorisation.
Successful candidates will be required to finalise their admission procedure in person at the admissions office. At this appointment students are required to present hardcopies of all application documents. To be able to register for the courses starting October 1st, it is highly recommended to fully complete registration by mid September at the latest.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not sure whether my bachelor degree is “equivalent to a social science bachelor”? What does this mean?
If I am selected as a student, when can I start the programme?
What is the tuition fee for this programme? Are there any scholarships offered by the University of Vienna?


For all other questions and issues, please contact us at