MOOC on Health Data Journeys

In recent years, Digital Health has become a key topic on the policy agenda across the industrialized world. It is put forward as an answer for the health care system, e.g., to problems of an aging population and the need for better and more efficient health care. At the same time, citizens are asked to get more engaged in caring for their data through collecting and curating their data and using them to adapt their health-related behaviour. Finally, medical and nursing research increasingly builds its advances on the access to patient data and, thus, citizens are called to contribute to research through providing their data.

This course consists of two parts and will introduce you to the possibilities that Digital Health opens up for contemporary societies but will also point to some potential challenges. By attending the course, you will be able to engage with the question of how personal health data travel, where they come to matter, which choices you have as citizens and what potential challenges need to be considered. Experts in social sciences will address social and ethical questions that potentially arise and how one could reflect on them. The course will also contain voices from citizens and let them share their reflections and concerns.

Course date: Open to all; no specific course date

Course language: German with English subtitles

Wenn Daten reisen - Auf dem Weg in einen digitalen europäischen Gesundheits(daten)raum

Teil 1 - Daten sammeln und ordnen

Data Journeys – Towards a European Health (Data) Space

Part 1 – Collecting and Organizing Data