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Dissertationen (Betreuerin: Ulrike Felt)


AKYÜZ, Kaya: Genopolitics: The Dynamics in Trying to Make a New Research Field

BORN, Dorothea: Imag(in)ing Nature in Climate Change - Nature Conceptions in Visualisations of Climate Change in Popular Science Magazines - a Comparison between Germany and the USA <abstract>

FELDER, Kay: Temporal Orders and Ontological Politics – Analyzing the Construction of Obesity as a Health Issue <abstract>

JUST, Paul: Parkinson's disease put on trial: governing regenerative medicine

OECHSNER, Susanne: Imagining future users. Local practices of co-producing Ambient Assisted Living technologies, embodied users and a well-aging society

PICHELSTORFER, Anna: Experts in the making - practices of performing and attributing expertise in biomedical debates in Austria

RAE, Robin: How some inches matter: (re-)negotiating subjectivities and wheel size in mountain biking <abstract>

SCHOENBAUER, Sarah: Situierte Identitäten - Die Verknüpfung von corporate und sozialen Identitäten in Forschungsgruppen der Biowissenschaften <abstract>

SCHUH, Daniela: Re-framing citizenship in bioconstitutional futures. The case of transnational surrogacy in France and Germany

SCHUMANN, Simone: Citizens’ Encounters with “Nanofood” in the Austrian Context. Investigating Individual and Collective Appropriation Work <abstract>

SIMUKOVIC, Elena: Of hopes, villains and Trojan horses - Open Access academic publishing and its battlefields

STARKBAUM, Johannes: Science, Governance and Imaginaries of Publics. The role of public engagement in the context of the European biobank infrastructure for research



ABDURASULOVA, Khurshida: The responsibility for the Aral Sea Disaster: Communicating and Framing Scientific Knwoledge in Printed Media (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

ANDRIESCU-BRANZA, Alina: Music Technology in Music Education (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

BAI, Henan: The Politics and Economics of Do-It-Yourself Biology Movement: A Case Study of Open Biolab Graz (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

DE PAGTER, Jesse: Imaginaries of the use of Big Data for the public benefit. (Supervisor: U. Felt)

DOPONA, Valentina: How do researchers describe Facebook as political and as epistemic object? (Supervisor: U. Felt)

EN, Boka: <3? Relationship Ideologies in Social Research (Supervisor: U. Felt)

ENGELHART, Jasmin: Of Forms and minced Lard: Making Drugs safe between regulatory Practice and public Space (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

FERENT, Lisa-Maria: Conceptualizations of research participation in studies about and academic scientific research on asexuality by members of the AVEN community (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

FRANTZ, Florentine: Just a little bit of cheating?! - Austrian media discourses on reserach integrity, moral order and the imaginary of being a good scientist (Supervisor: U. Felt)

HENNEBACH, Marilen: Relating Art and Science: Arts-Based Research Practice and Education (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

HURME, Milla Emilia: Whose Goods, Whose Science? A Case Study of Narratives in Austrian Stem Cell Research (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

JENKINS, Barry: Put to Sleep: The Construction of Consent in Canine Euthanasia. (Supervisor: Ulrike Felt)

KOVACS, Reka: Tracing the development of public meanings and debates in the mobile phone controversy. (Supervior: U. Felt)

MYKHAILYSHYNA, Mariana: Imaginaries about Participants of the Public Engagement with Science Events and their Inscription in the Event´s Organisation (Supervisor: U. Felt)

NEUMANN, Victoria: Time and Temporalities of Informed Consent Documents in Genetic Research (Supervisor: U. Felt)

OCHIA, Oana: Do Cemeteries Have a Future? Sustainability, Obduracy and Urban Sociotechnical Change in the Viennese Central Cemetery (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

PANTELIADIS, Anastasios: Translating Innovation: Innovation as a differentiating and coordinating concept for/of practices within the Austiran Institute of Technolgy (AIT) (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

PRENDL, Angela: Research at Home? Social Scientists and their Understanding and Use of the Internet as a Site of Research (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

REDING, Steve: From Institutional Change Management to Epistemic Change in the Humanities? The Case of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna (Supervisor: L. Sigl)

ROSENBAUM, Elizabeth: Understanding the Public Making of Next Generation Genetic Testing in the Light of Expectations and Sociotechnical Cultures (Supervisor: U. Felt)

SCHNEIDER, Walter: How are science communication formats in schools perceived by families of different social groups? (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

SEPEHR, Pouya: Planning the unplanned; the case of iranian urben regeneration projects for informal settlements (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

SIDIROPOULOS, Viktor: Models of Social Innovation in Practice: Focusing on the Promotion of Social Impact and the Fostering of Social Entrepreneurship in Impact Hub Vienna (Supervisor: L. Sigl)

STUBNA, Phillip: Students' Perception of the City of Vienna, through the Use of the Subway Network: A Case Study of Students Living in Dormitories in Seestadt (Supervisor: E. Aarden)

SUKRAKARN, Ployplor: Controversy over Health Risk from Electromagnetic Field (EMF): the case of cell tower in Thailand (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

TOPCU, Ilknur: Visualization of Future in Nano Fiction. Futuristic Imaginaries and Co-construction of Science and Society Relation in Blockbuster Movies (Supervisor: U. Felt)

WIMMER, Noel: The 2045 Initiative and Reddit. Future Negotiations in an Online World (Supervisor: M. Fochler)

WINKLER, Bernhard: The moral Work of Anecdotes about Obesity in Austrian and UK Newspapers (Supervisor: U. Felt)

WOLKENSTEIN, Maresa Barbara: Does a conception of public influence how science journalists do their work? An ethnographic study of how science content is produced in Austrian daily newspapers. (Supervisor: M. Fochler)