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EASST-4S 2024 in Amsterdam


The EASST-4S Conference in Amsterdam will be joined by members of the STS Department

From PDF plans to XML files for urban planning simulations: (re)formatting construction data as experimental tactic in the new climatic regime
Esther Dessewffy (Department of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna

How to engage with invisible left-behinds of innovations?
Ulrike Felt (University of Vienna) Livia Regen (University of Vienna) Sara Ortega (University of Vienna)

Between classification and measurement: the politics of monitoring microplastics in wastewater
Noah Münster (University of Vienna)

Decommissioning as a practice of caring and waiting: turning the French graphite-moderated reactors into waste
Ange Pottin (University of Vienna)

“You can’t have one without the other”. Nation-states, data centers and the twin transition.
Carsten Horn (University of Vienna) Ulrike Felt (University of Vienna)

Choreographies of knowledge, concerns and responsible care in narratives of innovation residues
Michaela Zuckerhut (University of Vienna) Kaye Mathies (University of Vienna)

Transforming the antibiotics innovation system: from ‘anti-biotic arms race’ towards more sustainable ‘eu-biotic’ approaches?
Christian Haddad (University of Vienna)

Guardians of the orbits? Space situational awareness and taming of security leftovers in outer space
Kai Strycker (University of Vienna) Nina Klimburg-Witjes (University of Vienna)

Exploring strategic visioning for European space futures in the 'making'
Philipp Kürten (University of Vienna) Nina Klimburg-Witjes (University of Vienna)

Following the rocket around: how the future is envisioned and concretized in large-scale space infrastructures
Nina Klimburg-Witjes (University of Vienna) Joseph Popper (University of Vienna)

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