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STS Talk


We are thrilled to announce Stefan Böschen's STS Talk on 12 December 2023, 5.30 pm.

Engineering Turn? Transformations within cultures of research as challenge for science studies

You can either participate in the STS Seminar Room (Universitätsstraße 7/Stiege II/6. Stock (NIG) 1010 Vienna) or you can also join us via Zoom (Meeting ID: 665 4772 2773 Passcode: 324454). 



In her important book "Epistemic Cultures" (1999), Karin Knorr Cetina examined two knowledge cultures of the production of scientific knowledge. In the meantime, knowledge cultures have been caught up in multifaceted changes for various reasons. The digitalisation of research in particular, but also the growing use of knowledge for social problem-solving (e.g. in form of mission-oriented research agendas), play a relevant role. These processes ultimately seem to increase the epistemic and social complexity in the production of scientific knowledge. Against this background, the first thesis of the presentation is that these changes can be interpreted as an "engineering turn" in science, in which the basic conditions of knowledge production and the validity of knowledge are being reconfigured. In order to be able to recognise and interpret these shifts, to put it as a second thesis, a new form of integrated-interdisciplinary science studies might be needed, which brings the philosophy of science and the sociology of science back into conversation with each other.



Stefan is Professor at HumTec at RWTH Aachen. He is also the Chair of the research and teaching area “Technology and Society”, the Director of the Käte Hamburger Center “Cultures of Research”, and a spokesperson for the Human Technology Center at RWTH. His work focuses on Science and Technology Studies, Technology assessment, collaborative research and innovation activities, and knowledge democracy.


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Wed. Jan. 17.  5:30 pm, Thomas Völker, “Towards a responsible and circular aquaculture in Norway: understanding entanglements between marine sustainability, policy, and society

Thomas Völker is a MSCA SEAS postdoctoral research fellow in Science and Technology Studies (STS). His research focuses on environmental governance and on attempts of transitioning towards more sustainable aquacultures. More specifically, Völker is interested in the development of novel feeds as a case of implementing circular economy policies and introducing principles of responsible research and innovation (RRI) in Norway.