Institut für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung

Wissenschaft, Technologie und Innovation formen zahllose Aspekte des Lebens in modernen Gesellschaften. Manche Veränderungen werden als positiv erlebt, andere sind hoch kontroversiell. Zugleich beeinflussen Politik, Medien, Firmen und andere gesellschaftliche Akteure, wie Wissen und Technologie erzeugt werden. Die Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung analysiert diese Beziehungen und fördert kritische und reflexive Debatten zu den Beziehungen von Wissenschaft, Technologie und Gesellschaft.

 News & Events


Nina Klimburg-Witjes has been elected as a new member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ (ÖAW) Young Academy.


For my Project “FutureSpace” I am looking for 1 post-doc researcher (2.5 years with the option of extension to 5 years) and 1 PhD candidate (four...


Follow along the research journey of Tamara Bak, Tereza Butková, David Würflinger, and Michaela Zuckerhut and find out what they learned when talking...


We are pleased to announce that the Department of Science & Technology Studies will be hosting a workshop: International Workshop: Revaluing European...


There is a new Blogpost by a group of STS master students.


Nina Klimburg-Witjes' article, “A Rocket to Protect? Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Strategic Autonomy in Controversies About the European Rocket...

 New Publications

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Felt U. Keeping Technologies Out: Sociotechnical imaginaries and the formation of Austria's technopolitical identity. in Jasanoff S, Kim S-H, Hrsg., Dreamscapes of Modernity: Sociotechnical Imaginaries and the Fabrication of Power. Chicago: Chicago University Press. 2015. S. 103-125

Sormani PB. Practicing Innovation: Mobile Nano-training, Emerging Tensions, and Prospective Arrangements. in Merz M, Sormani P, Hrsg., The Local Configuration of New Research Fields. On Regional and National Diversity. Band 29. Springer. 2015. S. 229-247. (Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook).

Felt U, Schumann S, Schwarz C. (Re)assembling Natures, Cultures and (Nano)technologies in Public Engagement. Science as Culture. 2015;24(4):458–483. doi: 10.1080/09505431.2015.1055720